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With poniedziałkowych event: the European Commission notes that «one should not inhibit technological innovation»; Switzerland is considering the introduction of «e-Frank»; the Venezuelan Government begins the training of citizens in the sphere of trade kryptowalutą Peter; the Blockchain will increase transparency in the governance of the diamond supply; Increase exchanges.

• The European Commission notes that «one should not inhibit technological innovation»:

The European Commission was held a round table entitled «Kryptowaluty – opportunities and risks», which has an impact on the crypto currency on the financial markets and the problems arising in connection with the Offerings of Coins (ICO).

Obradom was headed by Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the Commission responsible for financial stability, financial services and European capital markets. Press release the Commission described the event as a place of organization, countries and Central banks, scientists and entrepreneurs of the European Union to meet the challenges associated with kryptowalutami and that lies in their basis of Blockchain technology.

The conference is divided into three themes: cryptography and financial markets, protecting investors and the integrity of the market and ICO.

After a round table meeting, Dombrovskis told reporters that since Europe has such a minor part in the trade of encryption that he called «a global phenomenon», the next step is to discuss the same topics at the level of the G20, reflecting the views of French officials and the European Central Bank. He also told one journalist that does not exclude the possibility of acceleration of regulation at the EU level, counting on future events in the world of crypto. He added that «Blockchain technology has a strong promise for financial markets» and that measures must be taken in order not to inhibit technological innovation.

Dombrovskis reiterated previous post of EU regulators about the risks associated with investing and trading kryptowalutami the end of the debate, press conference, round table, stating that «the risk warning to consumers, investors, must be clear in all jurisdictions».

The plan of action fintech should be submitted to the European Commission in early March.

• Switzerland is considering the introduction of «electronic» Sally»:

The President of the Swiss exchange SIX Romeo Lacher believes that there are many reasons to create a cryptographic version of the Swiss franc.

In an interview with the Financial Times, 25. Feb, Lacher said that the organization will firmly support this initiative, adding, «not like money».

E-Frank is under the control of the Central Bank caused a lot of synergy so it would be good for the economy.

he said.

Switzerland is becoming more and more positive stories in kryptowalutach and integration of the Blockchain at the national level, despite the reluctance of the banking sector for the nomination of the Bitcoin. The Swiss national Bank (SNB) said that currently, there is no need to create so-called «e-Frank», the review Lachera. During January’s world Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the SNB President Thomas Jordan, saying that Bitcoin and other kryptowaluty should be regulated in the same way, for older assets and be under strict control.

On the one hand, may not be a great restriction of the use of funds, and on the other hand, to allow completely anonymous instruments, which largely can be used for any type of operation.

he said.

At the same time, Lacher parts caution, especially regarding the future ICO. Nevertheless, Switzerland remains the main incubator of the ICO funds, bringing the most amount of money in relation to the number of ICO, working in any country of the world.

• The Venezuelan government begins the training of citizens in the sphere of trade kryptowalutą Petro:

The Venezuelan government has launched a free training kryptowalutowe to teach their citizens how to buy, sell and dig digital currency, especially Peter, who was recently released by the state, reports local news channel Telesur TV.

Carmen Salvador, teacher trade kryptowalutami created training commented that the school offers «free training», noting that in any international market exchange rate ranges from 500 to 800 dollars.

Many of our young people do not have the ability to have so many resources, but the state wenezuelskie ensures that all can participate in these plans.

said Salvador.

Venezuela has launched its own cryptocurrency based on oil in order to attract foreign investors, bypassing the economic sanctions that have been imposed upon the country USA and the European Union. Since the beginning przedsprzedażowej offer (ICO) Peter, 20. February, no less than 735 million dollars allegedly invested, as they say, with HF-President Nicolas Maduro. Another report by the Venezuelan news portal Actualidad claims that during the first two days of sales, the capitalization of Peter reach $ 1 billion.

• The Blockchain will increase transparency in the governance of the diamond supply:

Canadian company engaged in the exploration and mining of diamonds, Lucara Diamond, has appointed a new Executive Director in the direction of modernization of industrial diamonds by using the technology of the Blockchain – the Financial Times reports, 26. Feb.

The new CEO, Eira Thomas, will lead the company after a recent purchase Clara Diamond Solutions for 29 million dollars, to 13.1 million shares. Clara is a digital platform that uses cloud technology like Blockchain to provide proweniencję diamond.

Lukas Lundin, Chairman Lucary, said:

We believe that Clara not only zmodernizuje the whole process of selling diamonds, as well as provide additional value for all participants in the diamond market.

Blockchain systems are increasingly used in supply chain management, since they can optimize the process through the permanent registration of each transaction, greatly increasing transparency. The inclusion Lucary in the Blockchain account for a month after De Beers, one of the world’s largest diamond producers, has initiated a pilot application of the Blockchain initiative, which also aims to track the supply chain of diamonds, to ensure that each diamond is free of any conflicts.

• Increase of exchanges:

Today the markets cryptographic climb, and all of the ten major currencies listed on Coinmarketcap are displayed in green. Total capitalization amounted to almost $ 450 billion.

Bitcoin again pierced the $ 10,000, showing an increase of 9% in the last 24. hours. Ethereum has also increased the value by 4.5%, reaching a value of 844 USD. Biggest winner tonight NEO, which is up 16 %. NEO profits can be attributed to the pre-announcement Binance that they will support the future organization of the Board NEO Ontology (ONT) Airdrop owners NEO.

The total turnover on the exchange today amounted to 18.7 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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