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Tuesday events: China’s Largest online store will explore the potential of the Blockchain in global trade; Taiwan defies the strict rules in China and South Korea; BlackRock sees potential for crypto currencies, but only in the future; More dangerous cases of theft of property; Capitalization continues to grow.

• China’s largest online store will explore the potential of the Blockchain in world trade:

China’s largest online store JD.com announced the first four startup incubation program Al Catapult Blockchain, as follows from recent press releases, published on Tuesday, 27. Feb.

The program originate from Beijing, which said candidates from as far afield as Australia and the UK, aims to use the huge Chinese infrastructure for new applications based on Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). JD emphasizes that he intends to collaborate with innovative startups Blockchain, to create new companies to create and test real-life application of their technologies in a large scale.

JD has a unique position to explore the potential AI and the Blockchain in global trade.

commented on Bowen Zhou, Vice-President of AI Platform and Research Division.

We are glad to cooperate with some of the most innovative startups in the world to explore how we can scale these advanced technologies for future retail and other industries.

Startups on Board is the Australian services market, which, Blockchain CanYa, as well as British payment platform and IDs Nuggets. Openly Catapult, Al means not only the transition of JD in the Blockchain, in partnership with its subsidiary companies, such as JD Finance, as well as the growing competition, if we are talking about the final application in the Chinese market.

Similar to Chinese conglomerates Tencent and Baidu, also found that the strong influence of new technologies.

• Taiwan defies the strict rules in China and South Korea:

Jan China-long, the new Governor of Taiwan’s Central Bank, said yesterday in his speech that the Bank will be open to explore Blockchain technology.

In late January, the Taiwanese capital of Taipei declared that he was going to turn into a «smart city», using Blockchain for the provision of technological solutions such as sensors of pollution and tracking the history of health through cooperation with IOTA (which we wrote here).

In his speech during the handover ceremony of the chairmanship, Yang China long said that the Central Bank will be opened for the reception of artificial intelligence technology and big data Analytics to better predict and analyze the global economic environment:

In addition, the Bank will also explore the possibility of improving the safety and efficiency of payment systems using decentralized Blockchain technology.

In October 2017, the Taiwanese Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) has publicly announced support for ICO, crypto currency and Blockchain in the country on the path of confrontation strict encryption rules in China and South Korea.

• BlackRock sees potential for crypto currencies, but only in the future:

The world’s largest investment company BlackRock, in his weekly report with comments, published on Monday, 26. February, says that he sees a broader use of crypto currency in the future. Giant investment managing assets worth 5.7 trillion dollars, said that the spread on crypto currency, however, may take some time to enter into traditional investment portfolios.

Our base: we see that kryptowaluty the potential to be more widely used in the future, while the markets Mature.

– the report says.

While we believe that they should be taken into consideration only those who can withstand the potential risk of total loss.

BlackRock stands out among the other giants of the financial industry, with a quiet support for Bitcoin and other kryptograficznyh assets investment. As reported by Cointelegraph in late January, chief strategist published a review that kryptowauly are stored under label as an «interesting development» and the continued interest despite volatile periods, is a proof that it is something truly phenomena – said Isabelle Mateos Y Lago.

This approach contrasts sharply with other companies and investment methods. This month the Vice-President of Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger, has described Bitcoin as «absolutely pointless» and said investing in it was «disgusting».

Meanwhile, BlackRock, in the context of the Blockchain, sees similar barriers for full penetration of the global economy.

Based on Blockchain, one common database financial might eliminate the inefficiency and risk associated with human processes, but adoption on a large scale requires huge changes in the development of software and well structured service model.

… Blockchain must overcome serious obstacles to achieve a promising future.

• More dangerous cases of theft of property:

Four unknown men seized Yuri Mayorowa Creator kryptowaluty PRIZM, told the news service Forklog, 26. Feb. For Forkloga, Mayorow, was robbed of 20,000 $ 300 Bitcoin and 3 iPhones.

Data from Coinmarketcap shows that PRIZM has a total ceiling of the market is approximately 15.5 million dollars, and the rating unit is about $ 1.04.

For Mayorowa, 23. Feb at 22:00 in Moscow caught the four men, placed in a Mercedes and beaten, while men went with him through the city. Men took American dollars, which Mayorow just replaced for the next trip to India, iPhone and laptop with access to its portfolio of encryption 300. Bitcoinami, today a little more than $ 3 million.

Channel telegram Puree, which first published the news of the attack, reported that before the robber let go Mayorova gave Yuri owi bright pill, and they forced him to drink vodka that was to get him to go to the hospital before being able to report the incident to the police.

The kidnapping and robbery of people associated with kryptowalutami appear frequently in Russia and Ukraine.

Four days ago, 23. Feb, the investor kryptowalutowy in Moscow was stabbed and stole him 100 Bitcoins, worth about $ 1 million. Another attack took place in Saint Petersburg in mid-January, when a YouTuber, who boasted of his property in kryptowalucie, he was attacked and robbed at home with 24. millions of rubles, which amounts to a value of about 428.000$. In December of last year in Ukraine, Paul Lerner, Director of the British exchange crypto, EXMO, was kidnapped in Kiev and released only after three days after more than $ 1 million in Bitcoinie paid as ransom.

Capitalization continues to grow:

Today it is a another market capitalisation on crypto currency. This time the growth amounted to less than $ 7 billion and is currently 456,9 billion. Digital currencies behave differently. The value of Bitcoin grows by 3.8%, the price of Ethereum by 0.6% Bitcoin Cache to 0.2% and Neo of 3.3%. Of the most popular currency failures zaliczyły Ripple is 0.9%, Litecoin and 2.9%, Cardano 1.3% and Stellar – 2,2%.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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