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Thursday events: the Republic of the Marshall Islands will release their own cryptocurrency with ICO; Therefore predicts growth of user charges on the basis of kryptowalutach; Fitting for a regulation on crypto currencies in Singapore in order to protect investors; the Previous court’s decision to block access to 40 pages related Bitcoinem invalid; Small changes in the stock exchanges.

• The Republic of the Marshall Islands will release their own cryptocurrency with ICO:

The Republic of the Marshall Islands will release their own cryptocurrency with ICO and free trade, say government officials, in an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday, 28. Feb. Two officials, one of whom is the speaker and Senator Kenneth Kedi said the Pacific country’s Parliament this week supported the creation of a currency, which will be called Attack (SOV).

Marshall Islands currently use the U.S. dollar as its official currency, and after the Emperor will circulate along with the dollar. The Lord will spread through the first money of the offer (ICO), subject to final approval by the Council. Kedi Bloomberg says that failure is unlikely.

David Paul, a Minister auxiliary President, said Bloombergowi that the new coin issued by the government should appear before the end of 2018, adding that «specifically targeted at the long-term needs of the country.» The course happened at the same time, when Venezuela begins its kryptowalutową Petro – based oil, while other parts of the world, Iran and Turkey officials have found that are considering the introduction of national coins.

The Lord will operate in a relatively smaller scale, to 53.000. the inhabitants of the Islands. According to the report, some of the funds from the ICO will go to health care for citizens who were victims of nuclear tests conducted by the US in the past.

This is a historic moment for our people, in the end, we produce our own currency and we will use it along with the dollar. This is another step the offspring of our national liberty.

– President Hilda Heine said in separate comments to this plan.

• Tom Lee predicts growth of user charges on the basis of kryptowalutach:

Co-founder and strategist at Fundstrat, Therefore, repeated his prophecy that Bitcoin will reach $ 20,000 by mid-year and 25,000 dollars before the end of the year. I also expect that at least three of the Corporation’s shares will emit its own kryptowaluty in 2018, says CNBC, citing a report Or Funds with 28. Feb.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is currently worth nearly 53 percent of their December values of more than $ 20,000, and today 10.700 USD – maintains forecast 25.000 dollars for 2018. In its report, also commented on the phenomenon of traditional corporations forming the inner kryptowaluty, saying:

Already, three major companies announced actions kryptowalutach that show that corporations can move in the direction of the crypto currency, before wall Street will accept them.

Or sees that the Corporation, which are included in the scope of cryptography as support for their predictions of future growth of Bitcoin, citing a Japanese e-Commerce company Rakuten, with 27. Feb, that will start your own cryptocurrency. In the same spirit, recalls the January previews Japanese communications app Line, which will open the exchange cryptography and commercial space in the application.

The report also provides that several large companies, such as Starbucks, Facebook and Amazon – none of which has not yet entered into the world of cryptography is much faster just, put this year’s technology of the Blockchain.

Addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Starbucks, offering the opportunity to use the Blockchain program to pay for consumer goods, as well as put the assumption that Facebook and Amazon may announce a «strategy for cryptography» this year. In the past, Or have a relatively constant bullish predictions about the price of Bitcoin. In August 2017. assumed that before the end of the year Bitcoin reaches $ 6,000, an increase of 230% up to Dec. According to CNBC So is the single most important strategists of wall Street, which seems to be the official accommodation prices on Bitcoinie.

• Fitting for regulation on crypto currencies in Singapore in order to protect investors:

The Central Bank of Singapore said that again analyzes the regulation kryptowalutową, and it seems that he changed the approach of the type «hands-off», Reuters reported on Thursday, 1. Mar.

In his speech quotes through various publications on Thursday, Vice-President Ong Chong Tee, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), referred to the possible new rules on crypto currency in the state.

We evaluate the need for additional provisions for the protection of investors.

The latest comments contrast with statements of Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Tharmana Shanmugaratnama, who at the beginning of February 2018. he told Parliament that «there is no fear for the risk» that this phenomenon creates for the banking sector, or more broadly defined economy. While Shanmugaratnam he added that the authorities continue to carefully explore Bitcoin and related assets, did not mention the rules that appeared on the horizon.

A week later, in mid-February, the chief of intelligence of the MASSES, Sopnendu Mohanty, said for CNBC that the dive activity of traders is a threat to all space on the crypto currency.

Singapore is still one of the most permisywnych environment for business in the areas of the Blockchain and crypto currency. Singapore’s approach has generated even international fanowski club of the government and the legislator in Kazakhstan publicly announced that they want to follow in the footsteps of the city-state on the policies of the Blockchain.

• Pre-court decision to block access to 40 pages related Bitcoinem invalid:

The second largest city of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, he overturned a previous court decision to deny 40 web sites associated with Bitcoinem in Russia, announced on Tuesday, 27. Feb, local information service RIA Novosti.

In July 2017. District court in St. Petersburg has satisfied the petition of Prosecutor’s office in St. Petersburg and adopted that will be blocked 40 sites associated with Bitcoinem. Earlier, in March 2017. Prosecutors in St. Petersburg filed a lawsuit to ban web sites such as Bestchange.ru and 24paybank.com because rozpowszechniały information about a digital currency that does not rely time great value and do not provide information about her. In the end, the Oktyabrsky District Court decided to ban access 40. web sites based on the argument that:

Kryptowaluty, including Bitcoin, are money substitutes, contribute to the growth of the informal economy and may not be used by citizens and legal entities in the Russian Federation. The free flow of information about digital currencies means the active use in crypto currency in the trade of illegal drugs, illegal weapons, counterfeit documents and other criminal activities.

On Tuesday the City Court of Saint Petersburg examined the appeal filed by the Moscow Center Digital and overturned the decision. According to the spokesman, another organ of the court shall convene to consider the matter. On the same day, 27. Feb, bill gates caused a stir on Reddit, when he said that kryptowaluty used to buy drugs and «led to the death in a fairly direct way.»

Small changes on the stock exchanges:

Exchanges today’s day was very quiet. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple observed small growth – paragraph 1.9%, 0,1% and 0.7%. Among the largest in the crypto currency, there was no major changes. The total capitalization of the market increased by $ 8 billion and currently amounts to 455 billion dollars.


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