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With Saturday’s events: zcash for announced the first software update; Liechtenstein offers investments in kryptowaluty; In Japan, the new company paid for the local market cryptography; Blockchain Technology in the Chinese energy network; Bitcoin continues to grow.

• Zcash for announced the first software update:

Altcoin will zcash for, is known with great privacy, has announced the release of their first upgrades of the network, zcash for Overwinter.

Blog entry from yesterday says that Overwinter required a software update and is supported in April br in version 1.1.0 zcashd. Start the update circuit of the main Overwinter 25. June 2018. It will allow the team to conduct the first update of the basic Protocol zcash for the Seedling, which should enter into force in September 2018, xgodnie report zcash for.

Overwintera goal is to strengthen the Protocol for future updates in the network, paving the way for the modernization of the network zcash for Seedling yet this year

– I wrote to the developers kryptowaluty on your blog.

The band announced that the software Overwinter will contain new features such as the expiration of the agreement, versioning, protection of re-operations in case of network updates, and generally improve the transparency of the transaction. Zcash for the developers explain that the only thing users need to do to become part of the network updates, software updates:

No need to do anything except keep software zcash for. This update networks should not lead to fork Blockchainu, or create a new currency.

Was established on 28. Oct 2016, will be zcash for altcoin (ZEC), which allows users to make anonymous transactions using an encryption method called ZK-SNARK. ZEC is on 24. place among the 100 largest crypto currency on CoinMarketCap.

Earlier, in February 2018, Cointelegraph reported that the Fund cryptographic Grayscale Investments has published a report suggesting that the cost of ZEC can reach in excess of $ 62,000 by 2025.

Liechtenstein offers investments in kryptowaluty:

Located in Liechtenstein, the bank Frick, now gives its customers the ability to purchase on the crypto currency – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoina, Ripple and Ethereum, and promises to secure their purchases before the cyberatakami in secured portfolios.

While a number of large European banks has presented a negative stance on digital currencies, freek – a small, independent, family-run Bank in Liechtenstein opens its doors to customers that want to invest in the market for crypto currency.

Our services are in high interest of companies from all over Europe. Companies know that reliably support their implementation in crypto currency and business models such as the Blockchain, in accordance with European standards. Our goal is to provide a Bank cryptographic to at least the level of quality of classic banking.

explains former Ambassador of Liechtenstein and Director of the Bank, Hubert Büchel and adds:

Bank Frick also protects kryptowaluty customer portfolios, and in addition a backup of the client’s portfolio will be stored in a safe manner. New offer of Bank Frick should open doors for kryptowaluty on a completely new customer base.

Frick not only wants to protect the investments of their clients, but also their own operation. The Bank is regulated in accordance with Liechtenstein law and the legislation of the EU / EEA and will protect the front of the money-laundering and other criminal działalnościami, just making sure that the funding sources in accordance with the law.

The media said also the main Edi Wögerer, who reported that big banks have surprised myself on crypto currency, sensing the danger, and misunderstanding them:

There is a risk, but there are really great opportunities. We know what to do with the point of view of security, so this is a good opportunity for such banks, as we are.

• In Japan, the new company paid for the local market of cryptography:

Two groups trade in the Japanese industry on crypto currency agreed to the creation next month of the organization, which has not yet been named, which alone will regulate the local market of cryptography in cooperation with Japanese Agency Financial Services Agency (FSA).

This cooperation was established after the uprising of hacking attacks it is the Japanese exchange on crypto currency Coincheck, where losses reach more than 534 million dollars in kryptowalucie NEM – largest attack in the crypto world, more from Mt. Gox. The trade group, are committed to self-regulation, one of which is a Business combination in crypto currency Japan (JCBA) are 16 registered market operators encryption. Market operators will, apparently, work together to develop industry standards of security for investors, including the development of guidelines in relation to initial offers of cash (ICO).

Taizen Okuyama, Chairman of the foreign trade platform ,Money Partners Group, and the General Director of JCBA, will chair the new organization. Okuyama told the Nikkei Asian Review that the purpose of this new organization is to bring the whole sector on crypto currency for the actions in the field of self-regulation. Yuzo Kano, CEO of BitFlyer exchange with headquarters in Tokyo and head of the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA), will take the position of Vice-President.

If the new group will be approved by the government, as an independent regulatory body, the organization can prohibit the use of certain virtual currencies via registered operators of cryptography in the country, for example, if the coins are suspected to use them in the fight against money laundering. Pending approval of the FSA, a new regulator would be temporarily opened to registered operators and exchanges.

In mid-February, seven major companies kryptowalutowych joined forces to create CryptoUK, the first trade organisation which samoreguluje the encryption market in the UK.

• The Blockchain technology in the Chilean energy network:

The Chilean regulatory body for the energy sector, Comision Nacional de Energía de Chile (CNE), announced that to implement the Blockchain technology at the national energy network, reports local magazine publication trade.

CNE will use the Blockchain to verify the accuracy of the information, such as the costs of extreme, average market prices, fuel prices, and in accordance with the law on renewable energy. CNE’s Executive Secretary, andrés Romero, said that the movement in the direction of the Blockchain was spent taking care of data security.

The national Commission for energy decided to join this innovative technology, we decided to use the Blockchain as a digital notary that will allow us to confirm that the information we provide on the open data portal, which has not been modified or changed and remained the same in their existence.

says Romero.

Romero added that the technology will increase the confidence in the data provided by the Agency regulation, increase the confidence of investors, stakeholders and the General public. Chile plans to implement this technology in March 2018. Blockchain technology has proved to be a boon for energy companies in governmental regulation in various industries. S & P Global Platts recently announced that it uses its own Blockchain solution in reporting information on oil in the UAE.

In the project WePower applied technical solution for Blockchain integration of measurement data with the network operations and additional analytical tools to create «smart dimensions». This platform is based on Ethereum allows consumers a direct connection to renewable energy to get their power.

Bitcoin continues to grow:

Another day we observe a consistent increase in the price of Bitcoin. Over the past day has increased by 5.5%. The mood in altach are mixed, but these other major, they are in small increments – Ethereum 0,7%, Ripple 0.3% Bitcoin Cash of 1.2%. Market capitalization amounts to 464 billion dollars, which means the inflow of capital in the amount of $ 12 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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