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From random events: Kryptowaluty and Blockchain porządane Amazon and Starbucks; Belgium adheres to strict tax law; Dubai will use the Blockchain for the tourism industry; Small changes in the stock exchanges.

Kryptowaluty and Blockchain porządane Amazon and Starbucks:

Polls show that people want kryptowaluty Amazon. One of the world’s largest online stores, this week, received feedback that his hypothetical to create an Amazon Coin will be well received. In addition, Starbucks is another big traditional company customer, tells about the plans to use Blockchain on the Starbucks app, also implying the possibility to create their own currency for use of the program.

Not only Amazon Coin is very necessary among users of the store, as well as a Bank account, created by Amazon. LendEDU research shows that up to 44.5% of customers prefer such an account as principal. Answering a common question that respondents trust Amazonowi enough to maintain their finances more than a traditional Bank, approximately 61% of the respondents said so.

While Amazon has not announced any plans to create its own digital currency, threw in the Blockchain technology which is behind most in the crypto currency. In December last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has signed a contract with R3 to use the Corda platform based on the Blockchain.

This week, the head of Starbucks Howard Schultz said in an interview with Fox Business that sees the Blockchain technology as the fact that Starbucks will use to work:

I think the Blockchain is probably the place where the summit will be an integrated application to Starbucks.

Schultz, the interviewer pointed out as someone who is not a fan of Bitcoin, he added that in connection with carrying out at Starbucks checking the store by Bank transfer, can create its own digital currency which will be used in the firmware.

We are not talking about Bitcoin, but I believe that, given the frame and the platform that we have in our digital mobile apps, we can potentially be one of the first companies that have built in digital currency integrated with our application.

Last week, the strategist Stratstrat Therefore, he suggested in the report, as Amazon and Starbucks is likely to use the Blockchain technology and will announce the strategy of cryptography in this year.

Belgium adheres to strict tax law:

Belgian Special Tax Inspectorate (STI) is looking for people who have invested in kryptowaluty on foreign exchanges, said the local call center De Standaard.

After receiving information from the Finnish authorities that several Belgian taxpayers traded in the Finnish sites of the cryptography. In accordance with the rule introduced in Belgium last year, the crypto speculators are required to pay 33. the tax percentage of the profits of the cryptography presented under «miscellaneous income» tax form.

Given the anonymous nature of the trading platforms the principle of the tax on crypto hard to implement. However, STI is planning to follow the example of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which legally forced American stock exchange on crypto currencies and wallet Coinbase to transfer data approximately 13.000 customers to ensure compliance with tax legislation.

The Belgian tax authorities will attempt to use the agreement on avoidance of double taxation between Belgium and the USA as a way of obtaining information about potential users of the Belgian monetary base, in accordance with De Standaard. STI is also planning to provide similar information requests for exchanges on crypto currencies, in order to find out if any of the Belgian taxpayer is a customer.

Francis Adyns, the representative of the FPS Finance, the Federal service for state of Belgium, said:

Will be considered that such a question can be asked as a question about the IRS (…) THERE are several other websites that deal with Bitcoinami and many other modems cryptography. Every well-known web site in that domain can count on our explicit attention.

Although the IRS first asked Coinbase about the transmission of information to all its users, the lawsuit filed via Coinbase, decided in November 2017 that only information on a large number of users to be transmitted to FNS.

Dubai will use the Blockchain for the tourism industry:

Dubai has officially announced the intention of the democratization of tourism by creating a virtual market place for business-to-business for the tourism industry, with an additional distribution channel for hotels, for najbliższyc two years.

According to Arabian Business, the leaders of tourism in the largest and populous city of the United Arab Emirates, we hope that tourists from around the world will have the choice of a wide variety of places in the local tourism business, using a safe, transparent and immediate environment Blockchain. In a statement the Directors of tourism in Dubai, said that the city should be a leader of opinion and innovation, who wants to truly democratize travel.

The democratization of the tourism industry in Dubai with the help of Blockchain technology serves three purposes. First, we are talking about increasing the number of tourists, making it easier than ever to plan their own journey. Second, it is not possible for large companies to shading of smaller companies, thereby providing equal opportunities for everyone who wants to profit in the tourism industry. Finally, the initiative also facilitates competition in the space, allowing new people and businesses the opportunity to engage, which should increase employment.

Dubai tourism is determined to earn a reputation as a world leader in innovation in tourism, dramatically speeding up our first digital, mobile and social strategy. Today travel is one of the most drastic sectoral transformation through radical pace of technological obstacles in all aspects of the travel consumer.

– said Helal Saeed Almarri, CEO of Dubai Tourism.

In the framework of this initiative, Management of Roads and Transport in Dubai, recently announced the intention to create a car control system based on Blockchain technology that allows owners to track vehicles during the entire period of its existence, from its manufacture to destruction.

Small changes on the stock exchanges:

Over the past day, the market uszczuplił $ 6 billion, putting the market capitalization at 458 billion. After several days of growth, Bitcoin has issued a correction at the level of 2.8%. A small loss marks the Ethereum – by 0.1%, while the price of ripple’s increased by 3.5%. Among the leading crypto currency, the most distinguished Stellar, the cost of which increased by 10.7%.

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