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Tuesday events: China uskuteczniają lock in social networks; These ICO is probably a fraud; the Blockchain is gaining popularity in the automobile industry; the Japanese giant buys stock CoolWallet; Exchange zaczerwieniły from falling.


China uskuteczniają lock in social networks:

Chinese regulators to block the social networking account in the conduct of exchange for crypto currency who still offer their services. According to a report by Caixin, the authorities shut down some channels of exchanges, as in China, WeChat.

In one example, OKEx official account on WeChat was blocked, while references to all previous content will now display a message that says:

The platform could violate relevant laws and regulations, after the consideration of user complaints. The account is currently locked, and the content is not available.

While the company WeChat, apparently, turned around intervention of supervisors, Caixin said that censorship of WeChat is the result of zaostrzonego official government control over the platforms that still offer services for crypto currency to Chinese investors.

As reported by CoinDesk, after the ban ICO through the people’s Bank of China in September, OKCoin, at the entrance to the main exchange crypto in China moved its currency to trading platform OKEx abroad. Because as early offers for Chinese investors, its official account on WeChat has become the main communication channel for the dissemination of business information among users.

So far, however Huobi.com which also has the external trading platform available in China as of early works on WeChat. The Caixin report adds that supervisors, they also want to encourage law enforcement agencies to further block IP-addresses of foreign cryptographic centers. The authorities draw attention to the fact that the exchange flouted a ban on the provision ICO national investors.

These ICO is probably a fraud:

Canadian financial regulator warns against potential fraud, unregistered ICO Cryptobank. Head of Finance of new Brunswick in Canada, warned investors kryptowalutowych about potential fraud on the website bitcoin Bank.io, which offers to buy the proposed kryptowaluty.

According to the statement, and the Commission on regulation of Financial Services and the Consumer (FCNB) to study the profile of the company after Bitcoin Bank.io appeared in ads on the canadian website. FCNB said that the company is not registered to trade or to advise in the field of securities or financial derivatives, despite the fact that he claims that providing these services in the province of new Brunswick.

On its website, Bitcoin Bank.io offers a «Cryptobanking the best of their services,» decisions concerning payment cards and a wallet for cards kryptowalutowych. Side helps also own ICO, with a single coin BTCB, ranging from price 0,000975 BTC per unit.

In his Whitepaper, the team bitcoin Bank.io said that the platform is focused on new players in the space kryptowalutowej and does not require any previous trading skills:

This is the perfect platform for those who want to earn passive income every day, without learning the associated skills of cryptography and trade or time to watch the markets all day.

FCNB also said that the company is not registered in California, the address listed on its website. In addition, according to the report, in the list of the company’s employees are fakes together with attached pictures taken from other websites and copied materials.

Last month, the canadian authorities of the securities market, approved the launch of the country’s first Blockchain-based Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), Harvest Blockchain Technologies Index (HBLK). In December 2017. scientists from the Bank of Canada, released a report that studied the possibility of launching government-issued digital currency based on Blockchain – currency Central Bank (CBDC).

• Blockchain is gaining popularity in the automotive industry:

German automaker BMW is supposedly finished a second collaboration with startupem Blockchain, this time to attract ethical cobalt to their products, as reported by Reuters, citing the head of the startupu.

Just a week after the giant of the automotive industry presented a contract with the Chinese company supplies Vchhain with the Blockchain, Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO with the little-known British startupu Circulor said that you were working with BMW to import so-called «cobalt net» to ensure their ethical origin.

Cobalt comes in most part from the war torn Democratic Republic of the Congo, where as some materials suggests uses are there for work and children in the so-called «mine craft», which are informal laws.

When the system is tested and will work on a large scale, you can engage in serious cases, such as mine craft.

said Johnson-Poensgen.

The latest work takes the trend in the automotive industry, in particular in Germany, focusing on using Blockchain technology to support innovation and reduce costs.

Yesterday, the owner of Mercedes-benz – Daimler – launched a new cryptocurrency. This currency, known as MobiCoin, is aimed at rewarding drivers for safe and environmentally friendly driving and is currently in a three-month test phase with the 500. the owners of the cars. In late February, Porsche has successfully implemented and tested the suitability of the Blockchain technology, in cooperation with the Berlin startupem XAIN.

• Japanese giant buys stock CoolWallet:

Japanese financial services group – SBI Holdings bought 40% of the Taiwanese company equipment CoolBitX, together with a portfolio of crypto currency.

In the last event associated with the growing enthusiasm for the SBI as in kryptowaluty as the Blockchain industry, the financial giant made the undisclosed investment, which has taken almost half of the stock CoolBitX in the property. CoolBitX is a real manufacturer CoolWallet wallet firmware, like a credit card which communicates with the device through Bluetooth.

SBI is currently conducting a massive test of technology Ripple in a separate large event with the participation of about 60. banks, most of which have headquarters in Japan. One of the participants in the process, Woori Bank from South Korea, has announced that it intends skomercjalizować remittances, based on a Surge before the end of this year.

The company meanwhile, has delayed the introduction of a private exchange for crypto currency, declaring 27. February, citing the need to improve security. Attention will also be focused on continuing to CoolBitX, SBI figuring out their practices with others in their «virtual ecosystem market».

(…) We sought protection, the capture of advanced technologies in companies outside as well as precise risk management in the company, making the protection of assets clients a top priority.

– says the press release, continuing:

In the future, considering the use of technology CoolBitX, we will strive to further enhance security.

• Exchange zaczerwieniły from drops:

Up to $ 28 billion in the last days have passed since the market for crypto currency. Reflection of this is seen on exchanges, where almost all coiny make significant adjustments. For example – the value of Bitcoin fell by 5%, Ethereum 3.7%, and the Ripple of 10.5%. As the entire market. Capitalization it is 443 billion dollars.

source: coindesk.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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