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From events in the environment up to 32% tax per trade Bitcoinem; Japanese banks will be given a mobile app Ripple; RRussia intends to formally resolve kryptowaluty; Korean officials are unable to trade kryptowalutami; the Legacy continued.

• 32% tax per trade Bitcoinem:

Any person who turned to kryptowalutami receives revenue from property rights. This means that you should income tax be considered in accordance with the scope of the tax.

The first dispute on the taxation of personal income tax decided by the Supreme Administrative Court which officially announced that persons engaged in trade Bitcoinami receives income. The interpretation of the tax was an outline of the dispute – the taxpayer said in the PIT that they have bought kryptowaluty for American dollars in 2011 and in 2013, and then exchange them for rubles.

The Supreme Administrative Court decided the first dispute on the taxation of personal income tax kryptowaluty. He acknowledged that people who buy and sell bitcoins, receive income from property rights.

The film dispute was the interpretation of tax. In a statement, the taxpayer indicated that in 2011 and 2013. purchased a virtual payment instrument, the so-called bitcoins for us dollars and zbywał them in 2013. for dollars and rubles. According to the provided information, conducted several thousand operations on Bitcoinie. He didn’t have confidence in to solve this in the PIT, and the man reported fiskusowi these transactions.

Selling Bitcoins for a citizen of Poland shall be taxable only in Poland, as pointed out by fisk, explaining further that virtual currencies serve as electronic currency, and the system allows them to send and receive, not offers to settle the law. This means that you cannot be accepted on crypto currency as means of payment. That the applicant will receive from the sale of the purchased kryptowaluty, according to tax collections with the advent of property rights of article 18 of the law on personal income tax.

Income from property rights, as noted by the officials, shall include in the annual declarations PIT-36. The tax at that time, should be evaluated according to the current scale of taxation. However, do not have permission to Bitcoin to assign a lump sum 19% pink. The taxpayer disagreed with this interpretation. Wrote a complaint to the provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw and claimed that Bitcoins are facing legal qualification, including tax. The law has a loophole, and therefore trade in them is inert from the standpoint of personal income tax.

Despite all this, were not convinced neither by the Warsaw WSA nor the court of cassation. According to the prevailing laws, common currency in the country of Poland for your buck, said the judge NSA Artem Hanusz. As the court noted, Bitcoin and other kryptowaluty not in Poland, the money of ordinary, and keep before them the institutions of financial supervision.

The court noted that bitcoin and other kryptowaluty – before which, however, adhere to the institutions of the Polish financial supervision is not an ordinary money. According to him, fisk had the right to assume that for the purposes of personal income tax in the ownership rights can find income turnover Bitcoinem. The sentence was authorized.

Japanese banks will be given a mobile app Ripple:

A consortium of 61. Japanese banks will be given national mobile app for instant payments using Ripple NEWS.

The group, consisting of 61 banks in the conduct of the SBI Ripple Asia, offers more than 80 percent of all assets of the Bank of Japan, according to Ripple. Takashi Okita, CEO of SBI Ripple Asia, said in a post on the blog:

Together with trust, integrity and service area of the Bank consortium, we can remove friction from the payment and create a faster, safer and more effective internal payments for our clients.

Three banks in the consortium, SBI Sumishin Net Bank Suruga Bank Resona Bank, begin to use the app in the coming autumn, while other banks will be connected gradually. MoneyTap will allow users to shop 24/h, any day of the week.

Ripple has long focused on building relationships with the banks to use the payment technology. In February, the company Ripple announced two new partnerships in the financial services industry: one with Saudi Cash Management to use its technology cross-border payments for banks in the country, and the second from Western Union, which is testing the system rozrachunkowy based on Blockchain for the transaction Ripple.

This month South Korean Bank has also announced that it plans to use cross-border technology payments Ripple for money transfers

Russia intends to formally resolve kryptowaluty:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signaled that the rules on crypto currency in this country should enter into force before 1. July this year, according to the official publication of the government.

Putin has defined the release date of the package of regulation called currently provisions for digital assets, which first appeared last year. His introduction ends years of uncertainty in which kryptowaluty – together with investors, corporate and private, they lie in the «gray» area, and local authorities in Russia take different, contradictory moves to decide what aspects are legal and which are not.

Last week a court in St. Petersburg overturned a law passed in July 2017, suddenly banned the distribution of educational materials related to Bitcoinem.

The influence of the market on the crypto currency associated with specific threats, that’s why the national regulation in this area is important.

– said the Chairman of the Finance Committee parliamentary, Anatoly Aksakow, during the discussion at the end of February.

At the same time lawmakers in Moscow are preparing to present provisions concerning the financing of the ICO. Some of the key details just as before to cause friction between the Central Bank and government Ministers. The Central Bank of Russia deliberately wants to introduce criminal responsibility for investment symbolic of ICO and the Ministry of Finance (turned out to be the richest among Europeans) only wants regulation.

The Central Bank made against the legalization of shaft digital, because the citizens would have to invest heavily in tools, not knowing well the possible threats.

– says Aksakov.

Korean officials are unable to trade kryptowalutami:

The South Korean government has banned its officials activities kryptowalutach. According to Maeil Business, the Ministry of Personnel Management, issued a document entitled «Virtual resources, monetary and information related to the operations of the officials of the civil service», which States that officials of the concerned trade kryptowalutami are subject to disciplinary action, in particular when prohibited acts take place during working hours.

The statement noted that the ban will be applied for all ministries and government organizations. Each Ministry is responsible for complying with such disciplinary reaction, which he considers proper.

The government’s position regarding crypto currency in South Korea is probably the world’s largest markets for crypto currencies after Japan and the United States, it is often unclear. In December 2017, the cryptographic markets responded to the hype about the alleged complete ban on cryptocurrencies in the country. Later, the government confirmed that it is not going to prohibit or suppress trade kryptowalutami.

The Financial services Commission (FSC), the Commission on Competition and the chief of Department of Coordination of Government Policy Hong Nam-ki, warned its employees to refrain from investing in kryptowaluty. In January 2018, południowokoreańscy officials from the Department of Financial Supervision (FSS), was charged with insider trading kryptowalutami. The head of the FSS Choi Hyun-Sik confirmed late charges.

• Drop the continuation:

For the second day in a row sings a clear correction on the stock exchanges on crypto currency. In the first 50 years was not one that could boast of a positive result. Since Bitcoin fell by 9.8%, Ethereum 10.6%, and the Ripple of 8.6%. Market capitalisation also declined sharply, because while $ 48 billion and is currently $ 395 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, rp.pl, coinmarketcap.com.

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