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Thursday events: the Japan Agency for doing the punishment giełdom; Huawei patentuje blockchainowy protection system; a Protest in new Jersey ws. sale ICO guaranteed Stephen Seagala; First American property transaction in the Blockchain; to Continue to fall.

• Japanese Agency is doing the punishment giełdom:

Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) sent a notice of penalties to seven business tips kryptowalutowych and temporarily stopped the activities of two of the following, after checking, caused by the January attack on Coincheck. FSA set of streamlining caused by the lack of adequate and appropriate internal control systems in relation to the seven job boards – including Coincheck, which was presented as an example of the lack of the system of prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Bit exchange Station and FSHO should be closed for one month. The FSA said that a senior representative of Bit Station used Bitcoins to its customers for personal gain. Theft 500. millions of dollars in the NEM, is attributed to the fact that the coins were stored in the wallet security level to low.

As a result of hacking, the FSA did audit Coincheck and ordered all Japanese giełdom kryptowalutowym report on their risk management systems. The Agency also announced the inspection 15. Japanese crypto-exchanges, those that are currently waiting on registration of means of computer security.

Coincheck has promised to return to customers all the stolen coins, it was found that it has enough money to do it. Today will present a plan of investment.

• Huawei patentuje blockchainowy protection system:

The Chinese State intellectual property Office, published a patent application filed by giant telecommunication and network – Huawei. The document describes the control system based on the Blockchain to protect intellectual property rights in the content on the network type peer-to-peer (P2P).

The Blockchain network, described Huawei will continue to record all inspection data such as the ID of the owner of copyright and access to digital content. When a user sends a download request to a P2P network control system identifies and compares its private key, or a license to provide access to the content. The app emphasizes that the privileges for download will only be issued if validation data correspond to each other completely.

Despite the ban on transactions kryptowalutowych issued by the Chinese government, technology based on the Blockchain is still widespread in the country. Chinese online store JD.com launched its startup accelerator, al-Catapults to Finance innovative projects, Blockchain, attracting those in Beijing four foreign companies.

• Objections new Jersey ws. sale ICO guaranteed Stephen Seagala:

Regulators new Jersey rozkazały to stop selling the ICO increased Steven Seagala. Summary submitted through the Office of the Securities in the state of new Jersey (BoS), accusing the actors that are behind Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G) about the fraudulent offering of unregistered securities in violation of the law on securities.

This step is followed after the us national Supervisory bodies, the Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commission Commodity Futures of type Future (CFTC), vowed to continue the strict control of ICO, available to consumers in the United States last month.

The SEC has released a warning about the nomination of celebrities such programmes, with the latest order BoS emphasizes the secretive nature of participation in Seagala Bitcoiin2Gen.

Sites Bitcoiin not indicate which competencies, if Steven Seagal is in order to ensure that the investments Bitcoiin fit and in accordance with Federal and regional laws in relation to securities [ … ] in addition, there are no lifts on the nature, volume and amounts of compensation paid during Bitcoiin in exchange for the assistance of Stephen Seagala investment Bitcoin.

– stated in the order.

State regulatory agencies the United States in a tough position, dealing with vague proposals ICO and related companies, in 2018.

• First American property transaction in the Blockchain:

A pilot program of Vermont implemented in collaboration with the global Blockchainonwym real estate market – Propy Inc., was the first based entirely on Blockchainie sale in the United States. An anonymous source in Propy says that the first property transaction was completed, making of South Burlington as a global leader in the Blockchain.

According to CoinMarketCap, Propy has a total market value of about us $ 17.7 million, and currently stands at just over 1. the dollar, which means a drop of around 5.3 percent within 24 hours. South Burlington has announced use pilot program Propy in January of this year, testing Blockchain technology for use in documentation of real estate. In August 2017. Ukrainian Agency for e-governance has launched a pilot program for Propy offers real estate to foreign investors.

Real estate and Blockchain married Propy. One such project offers tokenizację property in London, and the other supports their tokens of power with the Japanese solar farm, not one city in the world, buying property kryptowalutami is over.

• Continuation of the fall:

In recent days still shows a decrease in the values of leading currencies. The value of Bitcoin fell another 6.6% thus falling below $ 10,000. Followed the largest, Ethereum showed a decrease of 5.3 %, Ripple is 2.7 %. Market capitalization fell by $ 15 billion, and currently stands at 380 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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