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From random events: on the Exchange of crypto currency will need to register with the SEC; the Older generation invests more capital in kryptowaluty; Less interest Bitcoinem in the network; a Quiet Sunday at the market.

• On the exchange of crypto currency will need to register with the SEC:

The Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) issued a new report warns about the risks associated with nieuregulowanymi number of stock exchanges on crypto currency and stated that all the trading platforms that list of digital assets that are treated as securities, must register with the SEC.

The SEC has published a new report on the current state of job boards on crypto currencies and the potential risk for investors. The report States that some ICO, digital resources and kryptowaluty can be classified as securities and, therefore, each trading platform, which calls them, are required to register with the SEC and to comply with necessary rules. The report States:

If the platform provides the rotation of the digital assets that are securities and acts as a «market», in accordance with the Federal laws regarding securities, the platform must register with the SEC as a national securities exchange or be exempted from registration.

The SEC expresses concern that the various parties could lead to illegal or fraudulent trade through unregistered stock exchanges that trade securities.

The report also warns that most of the crypto exchanges may not be fully compatible with all funds, regulatory bodies, and could not provide adequate support or protection in the case where the exchange will zhakowana or users will lose funds. The stock exchange can ensure the transfer of accurate data on trade if they are not registered and processed within SECONDS.

Finally, many of these platforms have the impression that they perform functions similar to exchange, offering book orders with updated price proposals and requests, as well as data on the death penalty in the system, but there is no reason to assume that such data have the same integrity as that provided by the national stock exchange. SEC advises investors and traders to actually make sure that the exchange of crypto currency was regulated, fair and open to all users.

The older generation invests more capital in kryptowaluty:

According to the results of a survey conducted by 2530 people with Fund Korea Financial Investors Protection Foundation, summer investors participate in kryptowaluty much more than the younger investors, although the latter is more active, if we are talking about buying and selling.

People at the age of 60. years invested a large amount than any other demographic age

The older the investor, the greater the investment.

said Kwon sung-che, Korean Joongang Daily.

However, senior analyst of the Korea Financial Investors Protection Foundation, fears that older investors do not understand what you are dealing with. Saeed-che commented:

There is a need to elderly investors lost retirement savings in investments in kryptowaluty.
South Korea prohibits futures Bitcoinie, and authorities are considering a tax on the profit in crypto.

The study also showed that about 23. the percentage of South Koreans aged 20 years, has experience in buying for crypto currency, while people at the age of 30. years, a little less – 18%.. the Probability that a 40-year-old investing in the market was 12 per cent, while people aged 50. years, is about 8 percent. As for investment, Koreans at the age of about 20 years invested 2.93 million of the local currency, she, people at the age of 30. 40. years, have invested less than 4 million won, and those who were over 50 and 60 years, to 6.29 million won.

According to the survey, respondents who continued investment in the crypto world, accounted for just 6.4% of the total pool of players, while 31.3 per cent had never even wypróbowało digital currencies. Thus, more than 2/3 of the adult population in South Korea, she has been kryptowalutami direct contact.

Particularly important statistics for the enthusiast for crypto currency is the fact that 7 percent. said as before will invest in digital currency, and 23.1 per cent confessed to dislike. Meanwhile, 70 percent of respondents reported that they did not plan to invest in these tools.

The main respondents were the risk of hacking of exchanges, as volatility has become the second most popular reason for refusal from investments in kryptowaluty.

Less interest Bitcoinem network:

After the February drop in the market value of crypto currency, during the correction in Bitcoin price below $ 7000, the number of search queries in Google for the word «Bitcoin», fell to the lowest level since October last year.

Google trends shows that the search for «Bitcoin» was the most popular in the period 17-23 December, which coincided with rising Bitcoin prices are more than $ 20,000 for the first time 17. Dec 2017. However, since mid-February, the number of search queries with the name with the largest crypto currency, has declined markedly, reaching a similar result for searches from the time when the unit is BTC was worth $ 4,300.

Reports that former Mt. The Manager sold the Gox BTC is worth $ 400 million in the period from December to February, suggesting that the long fall in Bitcoin and this big sale, related.

A quiet Sunday at the market:

If we summarize the last 24 hours on the market crypto currency, it appears that since last night, little has changed. The night Bitcoin was not good, and from the South, there is a tendency of growth and in the end, we see the growth of BTC at the level of 1.7%. Other advanced projects like Ripple, Bitcoin, or Litecoin Cash rose consistently by 0.5% to 6.1% and 1.9%, and Ethereum have just issued a small correction – 0.2%.

Capitalization the total market declined by $ 4 billion and amounts to 386 billion dollars.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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