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With poniedziałkowych events: Binance is offering a reward for the arrest of hackers; South Carolina doesn’t want Genesis Mining; Finnish exchange step from the suspension; 5 hectares of greenhouses with tomatoes be provided with heat from miningu; exchanges the downward trend.

• Binance has offered a reward for the arrest of hackers:

Exchange kryptowalutowa Binance offers the equivalent of a 250. thousand dollars for the arrest of hackers involved in the incident with the 7. Mar. The first person who can provide information and basis for activities of the legal Department, in any jurisdiction will receive a prize in Binance a Coin, which is sold and used on the exchange Binance. If there is a lot of information sources through which hackers will be arrested, the prize may be divided between the source.

In his statement Binance emphasizes the importance of joint efforts in combating crime and unethical behaviour in the society for crypto currency.

To ensure a safe community of crypto currency, we can’t just play defense. We must actively prevent any hacker attacks before they occur, and track them after the fact. Despite the fact that a hacking attempt against Binance a day 7. March was not a success, it was clear that it was an organized effort on a large scale. It is necessary to solve.

– writing.

In addition to the current amount, Binance has allocated another 10 million. $ kryptowalucie for the prizes to counter future attacks. Binance have also invited other exchanges around the world to follow suit.

Protection is and has always been our top priority!

they added.

Users have reported Binance about the security breach after zaobserwowaniu irregular and unauthorized transactions in their accounts. The exact method used by the hackers remains unclear, although some users believe that a possible violation of API keys users can explain how hackers missed two component authentication system of the exchange. Binance resumed trading activity the next day, 8. Mar.

South Carolina does not want Genesis Mining:

The legislators of South Carolina have asked the platform of the mine kryptowalutowej Genesis Mining, so they left the state through the sale of unlicensed securities. The order to cease activities submitted through the office of the Attorney General of South Carolina, says that «Genesis», registered in Hong Kong, together with the partner company Swiss Gold Global with headquarters in Zurich, illegally seas have provided the inhabitants of the registered agreements for mining on crypto currency.

[…] Swiss Gold Global is not registered in the Division as a mediator, and there was no exemption from registration. […] controversial securities Division or in Federal securities.

– the document says.

This order is the last element within the Us claim at the state level in relation to various subjects kryptowalutowych that they withdrew their services. The ICO recently endorsed by Stephen Seagala it was suggested that withdrawal from the jurisdiction of new Jersey. In February, the legislators at the national level promised to continue to monitor proposals related to kryptowalutami available to US citizens.

South Carolina requires that Swiss Being not only detained the activities within it, but paid also an appropriate penalty for a civil infraction.

• Finnish exchange step away from suspension:

The Finnish bitcoin exchange and provider of services, portfolio, Prasos Oy, they are on the verge of suspension because most of the Finnish banks will not do business with them. Founded in 2012. Prasos, there has been a tenfold increase in the number of transactions in 2017, reaching 185 million. dollars, which has become a matter of concern and banks.

Finnish banks do not have skodyfikowanego set of rules on bitcoin, and the anonymous nature of the operations kryptowalutowych could potentially jeopardize the existing Finnish laws to counteract money laundering (AML). As a result, four banks: S-Bank, OP Group, Saastopankki, and Nordea Bank AB, has closed the accounts of Prasos Oy. At the moment Prasos should guide all clients through a single Bank.

In most cases it is practically impossible or at least very difficult doing business with distributors and a number of stock exchanges on crypto currency, because the definition of the source of funds may be impossible.

claims Volume Narhinen, CEO of Saastopankki.

CEO of Prasos, Henry Brady, he noted that the company is facing a critical situation. He also added that security measures AML was fully adapted and expects from the government the wording of the necessary adjustments.

The risk is that our last Bank account will be closed before we can open the next one. It zamroziło our business. […] We have created a practice of identification, which we began using in March, and they are in full compliance with the rules and regulations to combat money laundering, despite the fact that the government does not requires us, because our company is not subject to disclosure regulation.

he says.

Legal status on crypto currency in the European Union was under discussion in December 2017, when the European Union decided more details to settle the exchange for crypto currency to protect banks to money laundering, tax evasion.

5 hectares of greenhouses with tomatoes provided warmth with miningu:

Co-founder of the Czech stock exchange kryptowalutowej NakamotoX runs Blockchainowy run based on the cultivation of edible plants use the excess heat from miningu.

In the discussion on Twitter 10. Mar Kamil Brejcha said that the staff has created specially designed case for Bitcoin servers that collect the heat and send them in the greenhouse is currently engaged in the tomatoes. The project, which soon will be accompanied by a new business called Agritechture, still not open, but now he has taken his first crop – pięcioakrową a greenhouse full of tomatoes called «Cryptomatoes».

We use excess heat for heating greenhouses with tomatoes and it works.

– confirmed Brejcha.

The question of the impact of mining on crypto currency on the environment, as well as what to do with the excess heat that generates, has become one of the main topics of discussion in the region and beyond.

When growing plants, cycle, energy cycle for the project is closed, so that the operation of mining uses energy from biogas. […] Will soon be available crypto-tomatoes in the popular stores, but I cannot give more information about this brand.

says Brejcha.

While this is not the first implementation of the technology kryptowalutowej based on agriculture, and even tomatoes, Agritechture seem to display the scale on which it is possible to use the recovered energy from the excavators. Brejcha also said that it was originally planned cultivation of medical marijuana, but legislative obstacles forced him to focus on more traditional cultures.

Unfortunately, through the local strict rules, we are not able to get a license to grow medical (marijuana), so we had to pick tomatoes and other vegetables.

– he admitted.

Exchanges the downward trend:

Last day at the stock exchange showed a fall of nearly all the leading currencies. Bitcoin is 2.4%, Ethereum, or 3.4%, Ripple at 3.3%, and Bitcoin is Cash at 6%. The exception is the Propeller which recorded a slight increase of 0.9%.

Market capitalization dropped by $ 14 billion and now stands at 372 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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