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Events this week: Google will block all ads associated with crypt; Binance is run from a centralized to a distributed trading platform; Huawei creates technology for performance testing; British Coinbase users have access to more rapid transmission of crypto-fiat; a Large correction in the stock exchanges.

Google will block all ads related to crypto:

According to the latest updates the rules relating to financial services, Google blocks ad related to kryptowalutami in June 2018. Information on the prohibition of advertising on digital currencies appeared a few days after the person touting kryptowaluty that use Google Adwords have noticed a sharp drop in the number of views their ads. Despite this, when it happened, Google Adwords is contrary to any change in law relating to financial services, which blokowałaby ads related to ICO or kryptowalutami.

According to a recently updated policy financial products of Google, will not be accepted ads «crypto currency and related materials (including, incidentally, the first proposal, on coins, crypto currency exchanges, wallets for a crypto currency and tips for trading kryptowalutami)». This action applies to all Google advertising products, which means that the company will not be able to post ads related to kryptowalutami on the websites of the Internet giant’s search engine and external sites.

We don’t have a crystal ball to know where is the future on crypto currencies, but we saw quite a lot of harm to consumers or potential losses for the consumer to know that this is a sector which should be approached with extreme caution.

Says Scott Spencer, Director of sustainable advertising in Google.

Facebook banned ads associated with digital currencies in January this year, citing deceptive advertising practices. Ads on crypto currency has also disappeared from the Chinese social networking, at a time when life was part of the ban exchanges kryptowalutowych and ICO.

Binance is run from a centralized to a distributed trading platform:

Binance, the largest exchange of crypto currency, in terms of turnover, has officially announced that it is developing a public Blockchain, to create a new decentralized exchange. Vision Binance that a centralized and decentralized market will coexist in the foreseeable future, complementing each other, inspired them to develop Binance Chain to be used for transmission and trading assets Blockchain. This action will also push the market for crypto currency in the transformation of the company into the community. The new platform will also host Binance Coin, which will be a native coin in it’s own network the main Blockchain.

We believe that the continued support of high quality projects Blockchain is the best way of development of the industry. We will continue to improve this part, as we wrote in our report.

– the exchange.

A decentralized market is different from a centralized that is not in the service of third parties to hold funds of a client. Users conduct transactions with other users without using a Central server, and does not have a Central authority that performs the functions of the supervisor or has a book of orders. Although decentralized exchanges, provide greater anonymity, and considered more difficult to crack may be less intuitive for beginners and lacks some features and functionality of centralized exchanges.

Decentralized exchange is not something new. Platforms such as Waves, DEX, BitShares, NXT, Since there is already some time.

Huawei is creating technology for performance testing:

After almost a year of work behind the scenes, the tech giant at a price recently on 7.5 billion dollars, has introduced a tool designed to test the performance of the main Blockchainów, which are currently being prepared for formal submission to the Hyperledger consortium, whose leader is the Linux Foundation. Technology open-source Project called Caliper, supports the analysis Hyperleger Fabric, Hylerledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Iroha, and by the end of 2018. more will be added.

Haojun Zhou, engineer at Huawei, which is behind the vast majority of the code says that despite the fact that it is a tool focusing on the analysis of technologies, basically it is to help developers and businesses in making better decisions concerning their technology.

We thought it was the missing piece of the Blockchain and we can help to develop it.

he said.

The aim of the project is to integrate existing Blockchainów in structure, so they can be easily compared with standards identified by the Working Group Hyperledger Performance and Scalability. The core of the benchmarking adaptive layer that translates the information so the Caliper can set to remember or smart contracts, and to check the status of different distributed registries, in order to better assess their effectiveness.

Unknown is how widely used such a tool, if we take into account competitive interests in the sector into the Future. Javier Paz author of the report group Aite Group, who last year personally appreciated the list of key Blockchainów, doubts that the company would be allowed to projects, even open source, which passed examination, which can show all the flaws.

I am afraid that the way to compare the effectiveness and progress in different public and private chain will remain a manual and tedious network participate and feel comfortable in it, separating the main indicators of performance statistics.

he says.

British Coinbase users have access to more rapid transmission of crypto-fiat:

Post published President of Coinbase, Zeeshana Feroza, said that Coinbase became the first stock exchange on crypto currency who opened a British Bank account and got access to the system Faster Payments Scheme (FPS), UK. While the blog post Coinbase is not called the Bank in question, the portal Bloomberg believes that Coinbase has opened the account in the British Bank Barclays. Agreement between Barclays and Coinbase helped by the fact that the exchange had also received this week a license for electronic money by the British Financial Conduct Authority (the British counterpart of the Polish Commission for Financial Supervision).

Faster Payments Scheme is a banking initiative in the UK, the purpose of which is to reduce the operation time is the main infrastructure to service the payments of funds that are currently in use in this country. Feroz said that the support of this system will allow customers to experience using with a much better system in terms of deposits and payments. Coinbase access to FPS means that UK customers won’t be forced to convert their assets kryptowalutowych to euros and then to pounds using Estonian Bank for payment of currency with Coinbase, which takes a few days and added a fee for the course.

Feroz wrote in the company blog that the FPS will start as a test for a small number of clients, and in the coming weeks will be available for all users in the UK.

[…] Faster Payments is a sign of experience in the field of payment and this will be supported via all major banks in the UK. Customers from the UK will benefit from a faster, more secure and płynniejszych Bank transfers.

In another place he also added that the test will include only institutional clients Coinbase, because Coinbase British customers is mainly retail customers, institutional framework significant.

We have several institutions using platform, it can be funds, it can be other regulated businesses that offer their customers access to the crypto currency. We provide them with liquidity. In fact, a very diverse bag with several companies.

– he announced.

Crypto stock exchanges around the world have had past problems finding banks that would like to take them on as clients. Recently some of the largest banks in India has suspended or zlikwidowało account job boards, and in December of last year, several large banks in Bulgaria has decided to account is through the exchange of digital currencies.

Big correction on stock exchanges:

In the last 24 hours on the stock exchange showed greater correction of the major currencies. With the first 10 years, all reported a decline of at least 6%. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin is Cash at 8.2 percent, 8.9 percent, 8.1 percent and 9.5 percent. The largest decline touched NEO, because to 12.1 %.

Market capitalization for the last night fell by $ 32 billion and now stands at 340 billion dollars.


source: coindesk.com.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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