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Friday events: the French regulator has disconnected 15 pages of crypto; the Central Bank of Singapore will use the Blockchain; People building their own payment platform; Bank of Lithuania is looking for developers, the Blockchain; the End of the fall in the stock market.

The French regulator has disconnected 15 pages crypto:

The French stock exchange regulator, The Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF), announced in a press release that 15. March ushered in the black list of 15 websites dedicated kryptowalutom and investment in assets kryptowalutowe.

Investment insights highlight the possibility of a return a financial or similar economic consequences include intermediation in various assets and are currently monitoring ex ante via AMF. In this regard, no proposal can be directly entered into circulation in France without a prior distribution on the AMF registration number.

– transmits the message.

In a press release, calls itself the 15 companies that are committing crimes that, despite the new rules before reklamowały the citizens of France its services as investment opportunities. The black list also includes firms that are illegally offering investments in commodities such as rare metals, wine and diamonds. The statement reminds users that any advertising materials must not ignore the fact that the high phrases are always associated with high risk. In addition, advises consumers that before making investments has made all efforts to learn as much as possible about the company or a proxy authentication and to invest only in the product he understands.

This move of the French Supervisory authorities of the suspicion of the French government regarding crypto currency. In December of last year the Governor of the Bank of France, françois Villeroy where Galhau, issued a warning about the high risks associated with investing in Bitcoin, claiming that it is a speculative asset, and is neither a currency nor bitcoin. In January the Minister of economy of France, Bruno Le Mayor has appointed Jean-Pierre Landau, the open criticism of Bitcoin, to manage a working group to study regulation of the crypto currency. Landau called Bitcoin «the tulips of our time» relative to the Tulip Mania that swept Europe in the early seventeenth century.

The Central Bank of Singapore will use the Blockchain:

The Central Bank of Singapore has confirmed the use of Blockchaina for international payments. Speaking at the conference Money20/20 Asia, CEO Monetarnymi Authority of Singapore (MAS), Ravi Menon, told the audience that plans Blockchaina, called «the Ubin Project», to cope with the problem of increasing the efficiency.

One of the potentially best cases use markers kryptowalutowych is to simplify cross-border payments in traditional currencies. Here call Ubin Project, he set a goal:

  • using the Blockchain technology to allow entities in various jurisdictions, payments:
  • without intermediaries;
  • with greater speed and performance at lower risks and costs.

he said.

As the government of Singapore, as the MASSES have long believed in the potential of Blockchaina while creating such a favourable environment for business kryptowalutowych. In February, MASS told the press the mainstream that he believes that aspects of Project development Ubin as a wonderful example of Blockchain technology. Menon confirmed in his speech that the MASSES have teamed up with the Bank of Canada to test and develop cross-border solutions using cryptographic tokens issued by the two Central banks. Transfers via the Blockchain is also of great interest to the neighbors of Singapore.

Man builds his own platform, payment:

Pioneer cheap airline South East Asia, AirAsia, they want to run their own ICO to reduce the expenses of your business model. Speaking at a TechCrunch conference Money20/20 Asia CEO Tony Fernandes confirmed that the operator creates a platform for payment, in order to «marry» its rewards system – Great Loyalty, with the potential token-ICO.

We have two interesting things that will be relevant to the ICO, one of our discount card, which we have «BIG Points», and I think those BIG Points that can be easily transferred on the Blockchain. […] We have a product that can be trading in Great Loyalty, […] we are building a platform payment to enable them to work well. We have an ecosystem that allows the use of this currency does not make sense to have a currency that you can use.

– said the publication.

This ad is the second most important plans for the ICO in the last four months, immediately after the messenger Telegram, which is now starting wielomiliardową sale. Despite the fact that the rules of the ICO shall be subject to all more stringent control on the part of governments around the world, Fernandez is confident that it can move in the current and future conditions.

We are a regulated industry in the world, so we know how to deal with regulators and regulations.

he continued.

In Malaysia, where the Person, in February this year introduced new rules on crypto currency, at the same time watching carefully the programs of ICO subject to its jurisdiction. Fernandez did not remember about how much will he intended to win, ICO if AirAsia will succeed.

The Bank of Lithuania is looking for developers, the Blockchain:

The Bank of Lithuania, the Central Bank in the country, announced that it is looking for development companies to start initiatives LBChain – based services platform Blockchain, to be used as a sandpit adjusting for startups that work with Blockchain technology. Introduced in January LBChain to help both Lithuanian and international companies in obtaining knowledge about the Blockchain and conduct him to the test.

The Bank said then that the project will provide a platform for technical support and advice on current legislation with selected companies. The institution also indicated that the project will be financed from EU funds.

The developers have already shown considerable interest in LBChain. […] Created the financial regulator, is one of the first of this type of platforms that offers companies a unique opportunity to try to implement them the latest fintech innovations that benefit customers and the financial system.

said Marius Jurgilas, member of the management Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

The ad project is part of a broader attempt to create an ecosystem regulacyjno Supervisory favorable fintech, and innovation to support the financial sector, Though the Central Bank stated in January that, according to estimates, the launch of the platform, 2019, indicates that the implementation phase of the project will take place this summer.

The Central Bank of Lithuania participates in the Blockchain space in the fall of 2017, when he first released the preliminary recommendations for the ICO. Then, in February, showed that conducted research on the national ICO, which collected 100 million euros, after that the tokens of the company was approved as securities.


The end of the fall in the stock market:

On the stock exchange green, almost all of the 100. the major currencies. Conmarketcap showed an increase in the last days. Of these major Bitcoin 4.8%, Ethereum 3.4%, the Ripple is 4.1% Cash and Bitcoin to 14.5%. A significant increase can boast Lisk – by 18.8%.

The total capitalization of the market increased by $ 15 billion and now stands at 340 billion dollars.

source: coindesk.com.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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