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With Saturday’s events: Crypto for the first time in the Joint Report of the Economic of the United States; SEC conducts dozens of investigations; the Chinese Investment Centre will support the Blockchain; Jane Street Capital included Bitcoin to its assets; the Fall on the stock exchanges are not.

Crypto for the first time in a Joint Report to the Economic US:

The Congress for the first time devoted a whole section kryptowalutom and Blockchain technology in its Joint annual report to the Economic. Report in 2018. contains analysis and recommendations for the next year, and devotes a whole Chapter to provide insight on the impact of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain for today’s United States economy.

Summary called 2017 «the year in crypto currency», pointing out that the General concern about Bitcoin led him in second place in the category global subject matter. Google’s Search year 2017. The cost centers on crypto currency and Blockchain assets showed dramatic growth, leaving behind some key economic indicators, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500.

[…] If the digital currency will become less variable in future, the assessment of products in these values can become easier and one can start to use them more frequently as a medium of exchange.

– the report says.

The capitalization of the market for crypto currency positively affected the high prices. At the beginning of 2017. the total value of all Bitcoins in circulation amounted to almost 15.5 billion dollars by the end of the year rose almost 14 times more than 216 billion dollars. Digital currencies such as Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin have experienced similar increases.

Despite this, according to the report, many leading economists, including the Chairman of the Federal reserve system, Janet Yellen still believes that kryptowaluty suitable for the standard definition of money called Bitcoin much spekulatywnym resource.

The recommendations contained in the document are of particular interest because the authors recommend that public authorities at all levels to examine and explore new ways of using technology. Namely, recognize the potential Blockchaina to improve the efficiency of the Agency and security before cyberatakami.

Managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs should continue to cooperate to provide developers the ability to quickly implement new technologies Blockchain and thus protects Americans from fraud, identity theft and fraud, while ensuring compatibility with the applicable rules.

– adds the report.

The study also stressed that the Blockchain has been largely resistant to attacks by hackers and has many more potential applications.

Although digital currencies and the Blockchain is still controversial, the analysis presented in the report shows that public bodies cannot ignore the revolutionary Blockchain technology. As noted in the report, the technology can be used in key areas such as health and the protection of critical infrastructure, financial and energy.

SEC conducts dozens of investigations:

The Secretary of the Commission U.S. Securities and exchange Commission (SEC), Stephanie Avakian, confirmed that the Agency conducts dozens of investigations in the space of crypto currency. The expression Avakain followed press reports from late February, reported that SEC has sent invitations to companies suspected of violating the securities laws through their participation in the ICO.

In the past year, the SEC expanded its action against the business kryptowalutowym, which perceives as not przestrzegajace of the securities laws. From September 2017. the Commission initiated more than a half-dozen measures against such companies.

On the 7th day. Mar SEC issued a statement that they resemble trading platforms kryptowalutami that they are subject to the jurisdiction and regulations of the SEC, and, therefore, required to register as an exchange. In February 2018. SEC oversight led to the suspension of trading three different companies, investigating links with kryptowalutami.

Chinese Investment Centre will support the Blockchain:

Government-affiliated China Association of Investments (IAC), plans to create the international Centre for Investment promotion Blockchain to implement industry standards, as well as unions and investment funds Blockchain. MAC is a national social organization registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs people’s Republic of China.

In the Internet you can find photos, which, apparently, wyciekłego the Memorandum of the government on the implementation of the «Thirteenth Five-year Plan», aimed at the development of innovation of Blockchain technology. Liu Ren, Vice President of China Investment Association, and Chairman of Committee of Foreign Capital, reiterated the importance of the document, speaking about the growing popularity Blockchaina as an incentive for the establishment of the centre.

According to the document, the innovation of the Blockchain includes the pooling of resources of national and international investment projects in China Blockchain, consulting in the sphere of foreign investments in the Blockchain, the establishment of a centre for investment promotion and conduction of international forums Blockchain. Ren said that the centre will be officially announced on the 18th. March, and the international Blockchain summit could take place in may 2018. Photographed document printing 18 Mar 2018.

While the Chinese government introduced this year a variety of prohibitions turn kryptowalutami and their use in this country seem to be more open for the development of Blockchain technology in General. Bank of China has filed a patent, published in February 2018. the solution lies in the scaling systems of Blockchain technology, and China’s largest retailer JD.com at the end of February announced the launch of a business incubator for start-UPS to attract foreign projects Blockchain.

• Jane Street Capital included Bitcoin to its assets:

Trading company Jane Street Capital, which, apparently, is headquartered in an average $ 13 billion per day in stocks worldwide, has included Bitcoin to its assets that are traded, according to Business Insider.

A company statement says:

Jane Street sells more than 56.000 products worldwide in a broad range of asset classes, including Bitcoin.

Unnamed sources said that Jane Street, which was founded in 2000, entered the trade of encryption last year. On the company’s website States that in 2017 5.6 trillion dollars are involved in all the proposed products. In February 2016 the New York Times described the company as a «secret» company, ETF. While numerical data on trafficking Bitcoinami on Jane Street is not available publicly, the company noted that it remains open for further participation in the markets of cryptography:

Jane Street has always taken into consideration the possibility of trading and will continue to do so because with the advent of the next products kryptowalutowych.

Other investors with wall Street also jumped on the platform of cryptography. American investor bill Miller told reporters in December, 2017 that you have invested in Bitcoin up to half of their hedge funds.

• The fall in the exchanges did not pass:

In the last 24 hours the market capitalization for bitcoin has decreased by 25.9 billion and is currently 314,1 billion. The Bitcoin price marks a decline of 6.8% and is 7.970 dollars. The largest kryptowaluty also have a low price relative to previous estimates. Ethereum decreased by 7.3%, Litecoin 8% Surge 8%, NEO 9.6%. The total turnover on the exchange today amounted to 10.8 billion dollars is a bit on the past weeks. This may indicate niezdecydowaniu investors who watch the current market situation than taking action related to trade.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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