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From random events: Coinbase starts a collaboration with the British giant; Twitter is considering blocking ads on crypto currency; France will establish liberal rules, ICO; soothes investors; Bessa is still in progress.

Coinbase starts cooperation with the British giant:

Coinbase, one of the largest exchanges for crypto currency in the world, announced that it successfully opened a Bank account in the main British Bank Barclays. According to a recent article by CNBC, most British banks have refrained from activities associated with the operations kryptowalutowymi with attention to concerns related to illegal activities.

Coinbase believes that the new partnership with Barclays, which is a world giant in the field of Finance, will lead to the fact that trade Bitcoinami and other kryptowalutami will be easier and faster for British investors and traders. Before the partnership, British users of the exchange for crypto currency, will have to wait a few days before their funds arrive in their Bank account. British CEO of Coinbase, Zeeshan Feroz, told CNBC:

Customers in the UK will benefit from a faster, more secure and płynniejszych Bank transfers (…) a Small number of institutional users will have access to faster payments. In the coming weeks we will be introducing to all customers from the UK, making use of Coinbase is becoming easier and easier.

Analysts expect that the influx of British capital into the market for crypto currency due to faster Bank transfers, which the exchange will propose in the coming weeks. The new partnership with Barclays is not the only positive news for the popular platform on the crypto currency. Coinbase has received a license to the electronic money issued by the British Financial Supervision Authority.

The license was also support for so-called faster Payments System (FPS). It is also worth noting that the license for electronic money provides access to 23. the following European countries. Anticipating a large demand for services, Zeeshan Feroz says that the exchange plans to expand its team in London until eight times.

Twitter is considering blocking ads on crypto currency:

According to Sky News, Twitter is considering the introduction of the ban on advertising related kryptowalutami. Accordingly, using the still unconfirmed report, censorship in a popular location, expected to take place within the next two weeks.

Twitter has not responded to a request for confirmation of the intended cryptographic prohibition of advertising through the press.

The stated prohibition of advertising on crypto currency should be a signal that Twitter wants to go in accordance with the direction of modern Ust closure – comes Facebook and the recent Google update, which will block crypto in their search engine since June 2018.

Sky News writes that he understands the new advertising policy that will be deployed within two weeks, and currently stands in the way of advertising ICO, sales of albums and portfolios kryptowalutowych around the world. Twitter has experienced an influx of fake accounts, designed for false advertising and often the users impersonating famous characters from the world of crypto, such as Charlie.

France will create the liberal rules of the ICO:

French financial market regulator AMF (l Autorité des marchés financiers), apparently, is preparing for the introduction of rules concerning the ICO, to encourage the development of a new form of raising funds in this country, reports a local centre technical information Les Echos.

The French Ministry of Economy and Finance confirmed that the legal framework offered by company AMF, uznałyby ICO for a legal way of investment. The Ministry has noticed that the necessary preliminary consultations with interested parties and organizations.

Our aim is to provide legal certainty to those who seek it, without disturbing those who want to follow our own path. We have a fairly liberal approach. We are working on a flexible (…) at the same time, we are not naive and know that these products can be risky.

said Les Echos.

The change in policy 180 degrees, it follows from the last ban 15. on crypto currency and websites dedicated crypto investment announced by the company AMF. It was found that Internet sites that are incompatible with the law, coined kryptowaluty as investing in France.

A new legal framework for ICO ustanowiłyby system permits issuers who have received a license from the AMF. According to AMF, ICO, working without a license will not be banned. Instead, the ICO license means that the Issuer of the token should provide traders with certain sets of safeguards regarding the use of collected funds.

A sudden movement of the French government towards legal support ICO is a dramatic departure from Hanover, the attitude of the American Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC), which largely regulates the ICO and believes that many of them violate any applicable laws.

• Calms investors

Tom Lee suggests that Bitcoin will reach $ 91.000 until March 2020. The same strategist reassures long-term investors, rokując as well assessment based on the calculation after recent falls. Your forecast it is based on the chart, reflecting the outcomes of the BTC after the previous adjustments in the market, as reported by Forbes.

Fundstrat and used the average value of the interest earned after each drop. Forbes notes that since the graph is based on a logarithmic scale, in contrast to the traditional line chart, the high and low values Bitcoin is not so clear.

Foresaw high rates for largest crypto currency because its price was lower than $ 3000. In July 2017, said that Bitcoin will reach 55.000 up to 2022. Recently, in January of this year, said that BTC reaches $ 25,000 before the end of 2018. However, it is not known whether this prediction remains valid.

And Fundstrat released in early March, the so-called «misery Index BTC», which allows investors to find out how the needs in the market to advise disgruntled owners of Bitcoin.

Bessa is still in progress:

The market for crypto currencies, from approx. 10 weeks we are seeing, basically, the reduction and delay in capital. This extremely difficult period, is among many investors panic or refuse. However, you should be aware of the fact that kryptowaluty and Blockchain technology is the future and innovation on a global scale, and few countries of the Alliance to such strict rules, like Poland. Our neighbors – Niemczy Russia – is much more susceptible to crypto, because they understand, as they are for several years far behind, if introduced now bans.

In our backyard, however, we see a different type of logic. Where she takes us, we at that time. Of course, looking at a long-term basis, kryptowaluty needs to be a good investment, although it guarantees no one gives, but the light can always surprise you. Meanwhile, since the beginning of 2018, globally, the market for crypto currency much uszczuplił. Only in the last day, took him to 34 billion dollars.

The current situation leads to the fact that we are compelled to note the following failures. Among the largest in the crypto currency, the value of Bitcoin decreased by 6.4%, Ethereum 16.1%, and the Ripple-12.8%. With the notable exception in this society, IOTA, which only got in the first hundred currency for Cointelegraph. The increase was but small at 0.8%.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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