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With poniedziałkowych events: the USA prohibits the opening of places miningowych; a British company would build the largest Bitcoin farm in the country; MasterCard opened at the national kryptowaluty; the world’s Smallest computer will use the Blockchain; On exchanges green.

City in the United States prohibits the opening of places miningowych:

Last Thursday, the City Council of the city of Plattsburgh, new York has enacted local law prohibiting any new commercial activities miningowych over the next 18 months with immediate effect. The city intends to use this time to establish the principles for commercial archaeologists in the crypto currencies, having in mind the protection of the inhabitants before payment of enhanced cost of using electrical energy.

During the discussion of the draft law the deputies noted that the ban might be lifted much earlier, when the protection will already be entered. Councilor Rachelle Armstrong said that this period may be too long, and feared that the ban could be introduced at the expense of city businesses. To this end, the Board must establish rules for companies that hope to commissioning places miningowych, and these rules skupiałyby on who will pay for the increased consumption of electricity.

Adviser Patrick McFarlin agreed that 18 months is a very long time, and added that immediate action is necessary.

Our society does not deserve 18 months, our society does not even deserve to six months to wait for us so we can work together to cope with it. Despite this, something must be done now, and now we have 18 months. The law clearly says that we, as a Council, we can work, and if working, the moratorium will last much less than 18 months.

– noticed.

Taxpayers should be compensated, should not be opodatkowani, should not be burdened.

said one of the locals during a meeting.

The law was created after Plattsburgh exceeded your monthly allocation of electricity in the beginning of this year. As a result, everyone in the city in January recorded an increase in the electricity bills. For the growth of energy consumption are responsible for two mines kryptowalutowe in the city.

A British company would build the largest Bitcoin farm in the country:

Bladetec, a British supplier of computer equipment, recently revealed plans for the construction of Bitcoinowej farm in the South-East of the UK. The project is called «Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mining Company Ltd (TBBMC)» is aimed at acquisition of £ 10 million, or about 13.9 million dollars from investors to construction and farming within the next two to three years. The developers plan then the sale of produced coins, and equipment miningowego to provide a return on investment.

Founder Bladetec, John Kingdon argues that investors do not risk losing money. According to his calculations, the sale of this equipment will make a profit. It is not known if he took into account such factors as the decline in prices for equipment and increased cost of production, which annually requires more power and capacity. TBBMC expects that investment returns will go to one of four scenarios depending on the value of Bitcoin over the next two years. Scenarios range from summer prices drop 40% , before the summer price increase of more than 50%.

Founded in 2002, Bladetec provided it support, supply and consulting for such institutions as the British Ministry of Defense, NATO and National Grid. TBBMC will be the first mine Bitcoin in Europe are financed by investors in a limited liability company, protected by UK legislation.

According to the project, TBBMC will include over 325 square meters in three locations in London, Surrey and Suffolk. Given the high cost of producing one Bitcoin in the UK, which apparently is about 8,400 dollars, the majority of the funds raised will cover the cost of electricity, as the company plans to 1280 Bitcoins.

MasterCard is open for national kryptowaluty:

MasterCard is open to the idea of using future national digital currencies issued by Central banks, according to co-Chairman of Mastercard Asia/Pacific. A member of the strict guidelines MasterCard Ari Sarker, said that if governments want to create a national cryptocurrency, happy to look at a more profitable method compared to crypto currency in General].

While supported by the regulatory body and the value is not anonymous and meets the requirements of the regulatory authorities. I think it would be more interesting.

he said.

Ajay Banga) Director, MasterCard said last fall that MasterCard will find a way sign in to games for created by the government digital currencies, identifying all other kryptowaluty without the support of the government as «garbage».

Currency issued by the government were discussed in several countries worldwide, but so far the phenomenon has not received the majority implemented. The most famous example, successfully issued by the state kryptowaluty is a Venezuelan Petro, who was recently released.

How MasterCard and Visa have done the renaming of shopping Bitcoinie on cash transactions, resulting in additional costs to their clients, working on crypto currency. MasterCard filed a patent for instant payments using Blockchain technology in November last year, a company representative said that MasterCard Labs has filed more than 30 patents related to Blockchain technology and kryptowalutą.

MasterCard Labs is working on the Blockchain technology, which will support a wide range of uses, inter alia, interbank payments [business to business], the tracking of financial obligations in the value chain, changing your data, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) between trusted sites and not only.

– gives.

Sarker he also added that MasterCard maintains a pilot program in Singapore and Australia systems of contactless payments. Recently, the wave of banks has banned the purchase and sale of crypto currencies with credit cards, including Lloyd’s Banking Group in the UK and J. P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America in the United States.

The world’s smallest computer will use the Blockchain:

IBM announced that the smallest computer in the world – its size will be smaller than a grain of salt – will use the Blockchain technology, and will soon be embedded in your device everyday use.

In summary annual report «5 in 5,» which IBM will detail what technological innovations might occur in the next five years, head of research at IBM, Arvind Krishna, the leadership was given to the implementation of Blockchaina. The announcement came on the first day of the conference IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas.

Over the next five years the anchor of encryption, such as dots of ink or small computers smaller than a grain of salt – will be embedded in objects and devices of everyday use. […] Will be used in combination with the technology of distributed registries Blockchaina to ensure the accuracy of the object from its creation to the moment of reaching the hands of customers.

– he wrote.

This is another step in a long few years of travel-IBM Blockchain experiments. In an increasingly competitive market in security of the supply chain, nanochip (r) IBM will have the same computing power as its much longer equivalent since the early nineties. This will allow you to perform data processing operations on the appropriate scale, including monitoring, analysis, communication, and even work on the basis of data.

In January of 2018. IBM and Maersk launched a widely reklamowaną operations of the supply chain, Blockchain, which was in development for over a year. At the same time, the company announced that it would invest money in a special Fund to Finance startups Blockchain.

Exchanges green:

For the last day of the capitalization of the market increased by $ 7 billion and is currently 321,4 billion. The bars 100. the major currencies. cointelegraph has sharply gone uphill. Bitocoin and Ethereum 12% Surge by 21%, Bitcoin Cash 11.5% Litecoin and 10%. The greatest growth was Cardano and EOS, the point about 33.6% to 32.2%. The total turnover on the exchange today amounted to 18.8 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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