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Event Tuesday: Blockhain the result of cooperation of stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Australia; the Results of studies conducted on Americans; G20 considers kryptowaluty for assets and not currency; Giblartar enters the exchange that receives new ICO; the day’s Growth on the stock exchanges.

• Blockhain the result of cooperation of stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Australia:

The stock exchange of Hong Kong (Hong Kong stock exchange), started cooperation with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on the introduction of Blockchain technology, as they say in today’s Financial Times reports.

ASX announced in December last year that it would begin to use the Blockchain to replace the existing system of processing capital transactions, making it the first such platform. ASX worked with the international consulting company in the field of digital technologies – the Digital Asset.

Both exchanges are much closer dialogue to better understand the technological capabilities, and provide this information and to share with vendors.

– said Charles Li, CEO of HKEx at the Asian Investment Conference Credit Suisse.

According to Li, HKEx will use the Blockchain to maintain the stock of loans and certain types of transactions outside of the market», adding that the exchange wants to use the technology of the Blockchain, where nobody will spend money on anything. The rapid development of technology, two years ago, was hampered earlier plans to HKEx in the creation of a private market based on Blockchain to help small companies to obtain financing.

The canadian Securities Exchange, alternative exchange, which began operations in 2004, also announced in February that starts on the basis of the Ethereum platform securities and accounts, allowing companies raising capital using the security labels.

• The results of studies conducted on Americans:

A recent study conducted on Americans topic on the crypto currency, according to the order Finder.com in February, show that 8 percent, or about 26 million Americans who bought cryptocurrency.

Poll Finder said 2.001 American adults who use Pureprofile, the site, which provides cash rewards to users who participate in surveys.

The study showed that among 92,05% of Americans who have not purchased kryptowaluty, almost 8 percent reported that it plans to do in the future. According to the survey, men are more than two times more interested in the fact that in crypto currency than women 11,86% of all men on 4.27 percent of all women.

Kryptowaluty disproportionately applies millenialsów, unlike the baby boom is 17.2% millenialsi and 2.24% of baby boomers signals a hold on crypto currency. A study conducted in December last year via the Blockchain Capital, also showed that milenialsi prefer posługiwaać yourself Bitcoinem than normal Bank accounts.

The study also refers to the reasons why Americans do not buy into the crypto currency. Most men and women believe that «there is no need, or they are not interested», and najrzadszym reason both sexes «too many fees».

More than two times more men than women believe that kryptowaluty is … a bubble or a cheat, but both genders perceive them as «too difficult to use» and «too complex to understand».

If we are talking about the most popular types on crypto currencies are bought American adults:

Bitcoin is in the first place (it of 5.15%, and the average value of the investment is 3.450 dollars), in second place-Ethereum (1,8%, and the average volume of investment in this cryptocurrency is 1.240 dollars), the third Bitcoin Cash (it has to 0.9%, and the average investment in this case is $ 630).

• G20 considers kryptowaluty for assets, not currency:

A draft G20 document said that kryptowaluty do not have the characteristics of a sovereign currency, which means that G20 kryptowaluty enough assets than currency. The question of how to define kryptowaluty, it will be discussed today in the afternoon. Klaas Knot, Chairman of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international regulatory body created by the G20 in 2009, and President of De Nederlandsche Bank NV, said

No matter what you call them resource tokens, I don’t think any played the role of money in the economy.

Yesterday the value of Bitcoin jumped by about $ 1,000 after sending the letter to the G20 from the Governor of the Bank of England and head of FSB that kryptowaluty are not a risk to the global economy.

• Giblartar enters the exchange that receives new ICO:

Gibraltar has already attracted 200 potential ICO before the scheduled start of the exchange Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). This financing tool has hit the mainstream and has become a top priority for international regulators obawiających fraud.

Gibraltar has seen the establishment of a reliable exchange, which for some time supported 100% legal and proven projects that are based on ICO. With the development of the situation, more and more information comes to light, Nick Showan – Chairman GBX says that GBX is constantly expanding its team, responsible for the regulation, to cope with growing demand. Projects based on ICO still faced with a difficult landscape in various international jurisdictions. Last week, the US Congress has expressed kryptowalutach causing mixed feelings from lawmakers and one Senator even claimed that 99% of startups enter the ICO is a fraud.

• A day’s growth on the stock exchanges:

In the past 24 hours, the market of the crypto currency increased by 21 billion dollars and is currently traded at a price of 343 billion Total turnover on the exchange today totaled 17.6 billion dollars. Bitcoin recently increased its dominance over other kryptowalutami and is 43.8% całewgo the market.

As for the specific prices of the main currencies: Bitcoin recorded a growth rate of 5.2 percent, and its price reaches $ 8.860 per unit. Still, the best result was recorded NEO,and at the level of 13.5%, as Cardano of 12.8%, IOTA and EOS 13%.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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