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Wednesday events: the NSA has a system of identifying Bitcoin users; the Largest mobile operator in South Korea will use the Blockchain; Twitter CEO sees the future in Bitcoinie; Tether, it seems, tokens worth 300 million dollars; Mixed sentiment on the stock exchanges.

The NSA has a system of identifying Bitcoin users:

The American National Security Agency (NSA), according to classified documents provided by Edward Snowden able to find senders and receivers of Bitcoin around the world, reports The Intercept. NSA killed by creating a system of collecting, analyzing and processing raw global Internet traffic by using a program podszywającego under the program anonimizujące.

While the Agency was interested in monitoring on some competing crypto currency Bitcoin was its main purpose. Tracking was conducted via a secret surveillance program — codenamed OAKSTAR, what is the number of secret corporate partnerships that allowed the Agency’s monitoring of communications and download the data directly from fiber, which create the Internet undergird.

The service is similar to the VPN with the name MONKEYROCKET – sub-OAKSTAR, played a key role in identifying Bitcoin users. Instead of having to hide user data MONKEYROCKET used network equipment to receive data from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America. In the documents of the NSA, MONKEYROCKET also referred to as niezachodnia service anonymize Internet supporting the fight against terrorism.

Currently, there are about 16 000 users, and the site generates about 2000 events per day […] Iran and China are two countries with a considerable number of users

– transmits the report.

MONKEYROCKET be primarily order 12333, which expands the powers of U.S. intelligence, when it comes to conducting investigations against US citizens. In the result, the NSA has collected a significant amount of data Bitcoin users, including passwords, browser history, and even the MAC addresses of their devices. All this information is enough to identify users of specific portfolios.

Monitoring on the crypto currency through the state institutions of oversight may be of concern to those who value cryptocurrency for its anonymity and decentralized nature.

The largest mobile operator in South Korea will use the Blockchain:

A leading mobile operator in South Korea, Korea Telecom (KT) said it plans to use the new communication system, based on the decisions the security of the Blockchain. Project infrastructure digital KT, named «Future Internet» will allow individuals and businesses to obtain compensation for the use of private data instead of operators portalowych such as Google, which is currently monopolisitic access to personal data – said one of the main scientists of the company, Seo Young-il.

The use of Blockchain technology, will lead to the fact that the data will be protected from hackers through the indestructible network Blockchain, and users will transmit data to each other based on trust without having to rely on external companies OTT.

– said the head of the centre for corporate Blockchain.

KT is preparing to launch data services in roaming on the basis of the Blockchain, working with global operators, such as Sprint, based in the United States and the technology giant from Japan Softbank. If we are talking about fintech, WHICH encompasses the platform for crypto currency, K-Coin, its mobile coupon. The ultimate aim is to upgrade the network infrastructure of South Korea with the use of Blockchain technology in the next few years. Young-il apparently said that the Blockchain will be one of the key technologies of digitization in the fourth industrial revolution.

Twitter CEO sees the future in Bitcoinie:

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and payment service Square, said that he sees Bitcoin as a future global currency, reports The Times. He believes that to take the position of leader is Bitcoinowi» probably more than ten years, but can go faster»

The world will eventually have one currency, the Internet will have one currency. Personally, I think it will be Bitcoin.

he said.

At the end of February 2018. Dorsey said that Square will focus on the development of a larger number of interaction options with Bitcoinem through the Cash app App, calling it transformacynją technology for our industry. He also drew attention to the fact that he does not believe that Bitcoin at the moment, can become a real currency, i.e. a medium of exchange.

It is slow and expensive, but when more and more people have it, these things go. There are new technologies, that uses the Blockchain and make it more accessible.

he says.

Last week, Lightning Labs, the Creator of Lightning Network (LN), released first on Bitcoin implementation of LN about the fact that you receive instant transaction Bitcoinowe closer to reality. Dorsey took part in their 2.5. million round of initial funding, as well as a developer of Litecoin Charlie.

Tether, it seems that the tokens are worth $ 300 million:

Tether, altcoin will be supported by fiat currency in dollars and euros, issued another 300 million tokens USDT at a price of $ 1 per token, according to Omni Explorer. In mid-February Tether spent 86 million based on the Euro – EURT and 61.1 million, based on the dollar USDT on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Bitfinex’ed, anonymous blogger and an outspoken critic Tether, wrote on Twitter that the release at the same time such a large number of Tether caused a rise in the price of BITCOIN. Tether 300 million was issued on Tuesday at 19:51. Bitcoin the rise of prices, at the same time, though not dramatic.

Bitfinex, which is fifth in the ranking of the exchange kryptowalutową on coinmarketcap, shares the lead with Tether. This combination has led critics such as Bitfinex’ed, to criticize the exchanges, and the token through an apparent lack of transparency because the company has not conducted an external audit of the cash reserve. At the end of January, the company broke contact with his auditor before the expected audit was published.

In response to previous criticism online crypto currency exchange Bitfinex threatened legal action against critics in December last year. In response Bitfinex’ed allegedly hired a lawyer for any legal struggle with the exchange.

Study from last month shows that while the Tether potentially has enough cash to cover the Tether tokens in portorykańskim Bank, the company must reform its procedures KYC / AML or risk closure.

Mixed sentiment on the stock exchanges:

For the last day of market capitalization for bitcoin rose by almost $ 2 billion and now stands at 345 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 16.6 billion dollars. Prices of major currencies are as follows: Bitcoin recorded a growth of 1.9%, Ethereum 2.9%, and Litecoin to 3.1%. Stands out from the crowd Gimbal with growth of 10.2%. Failures were met with Ripple, Bitcoin and Cash IOTA, a point about 2.4%, 1.1% and 6.8%.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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