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With Saturday’s events: Another state of the United States opens on the Blockchain; the Company in Canada will launch kryptowalutową brokerage service; Quorum may be a private company; ransomware Attack on the city of Atlanta; Increase exchanges.

Another state of the United States opens on the Blockchain:

The Governor of Tennessee signed the draft law recognizes the legal competence of the Blockchain technology and agreements smart (smart contracts) in electronic transactions. The law also provides for the protection of the right of ownership of some information protected by the Blockchain technology.

Senate bill No. 1662 was signed by the Governor bill Haslama a little over three months after its submission 18. January of this year, and passed through the Senate and House without opposition. The project is funded by the Republican senators Steven Dickerson and Richard Briggs, and democratic senators Harris and Jeff Yarbro.

Blockchain technology is defined in the law as “any system registers, distributed, and supporting infrastructure, including the Blockchain, which uses a distributed, decentralized, shared, and replicated registry, whether public or private, have permission or no permission, and which may include the use of electronic currencies or electronic tokens as a medium of exchange mail.

Intellectual agreement is defined in the law as «a computer program, event-driven, which works on electronic, distributed, decentralized, shared and replikowanym the registry, and is intended for automation operations.» The law says that «no transaction regarding the agreement cannot be challenged from the point of view of result, legal, validity or enforceability solely due to the fact that the contract contains the concept of smart contract».

Individual us States this year passed laws related to digital currencies. In February, Georgia has enacted a law authorizing the acceptance of crypto for payment of state duties and license fees, and in March, Wyoming passed a draft law which created a new category of assets for crypto currency, effectively freeing them from the securities laws in this state.

Company in Canada will launch kryptowalutową brokerage service:

Canadian exchange operator TMX Group announced that its subsidiary, Shorcan DCN signed with the Paycase Financial agreement to launch kryptowalutowej services brokerage. TMX group is best known as the operator of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the company Paycase decentralized Financial is a financial services provider with headquarters in Toronto. The new initiative should be launched in the second quarter of 2018. and create kryptowalutową broker platform koncentrującą to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Through this collaboration, Shorcan DCN intends to combine his knowledge of financial services in the markets dollars with the platform of aggregation of data on crypto currency company Paycase. In addition, BMO Financial Group has agreed to provide Shorcan DCN banking services within the payment and clearing infrastructure.

We are glad to accede to the agreement with the company Paycase, the industry leader with the innovative and industrious nature. Looking forward to taking the necessary joint actions in the coming days, because we try to Shorcan DCN has achieved lasting success.

– said the Chairman of Shorcan, Peter Conroy.

As new technologies constantly change the global industry, financial, constantly looking for new ways of development of our company to satisfy customer needs in both traditional and non-traditional markets.

added John Lee, Director of the Innovation division in the Company and Product Development at TMX Group.

Some financial institutions in Canada more skeptical of crypto currency. Last month the Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) has banned customers to buy kryptoptowalut with credit cards issued by the Bank. The representative of the TD announced that the ban was designed to protect customers and the Bank.

Quorum can be a private company:

JPMorgan Chase is considering the establishment of a Quorum, their platform, the Blockchain and smart contracts, a separate company, according to Bloomberg.

An anonymous source, Bloomberg reported that has no insights about what is Quorum funkcjonowałoby better as an independent unit which could potentially attract more partners. Other anonymous sources said that the label is attached to JPMorgan Quorum can distract potential partners, who are competitors of the company, adds Financial Times.

[company] continues to believe that the technology of distributed registries will play transformacyjną role in business, so actively build a lot of solutions to the Blockchain. […] Quorum has become an incredibly successful platform, reaching even beyond financial services, and we welcome its potential.

said Brian Marchiony, a spokesman at JPMorgan.

JPMorgan has formed a Quorum in 2016. within Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEC), which was one of the founders. EEA, launched in February of 2017. as a way to ensure privacy, scalability, and security for Ethereum Blockchain, now has over 200. members, including JPMorgan and Santander, as well as later, such as MasterCard, Intel and Microsoft. The Quorum platform, which runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and Ethereum sample It is used, including pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Genentech, and Microsoft Azure, among others.

Although JPMorgan openly on the Blockchain technology behind the basis for crypto currency, President Jamie Dimon has submitted conflicting statements about crypto, at some point Bitcoin, calling it «a hoax,» another time, speaking of himself that «skeptical» in relation to digital currencies. In early February of this year, JPMorgan was ordered kryptowaluty as «innovative tornado» around Blockchain technology, which, most likely, will not disappear. The company wrote in its annual report in February that kryptowaluty are risks that can disrupt the operation of financial institutions.

Ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta:

The city government of Atlanta, Georgia, reported that their computer system was attacked by hackers of ransomware. The goal was a system that is used to pay bills, as well as details of access to the judicial system. Employees of the city after the work was printed with the information that you don’t have to use their computers until the IT Department of their city cleanse. City officials are warning of employees and citizens that use the computer system that they controlled their Bank accounts and changed the password.

Hackers demand that the city of Atlanta is 6,800 dollars in Bitcoinie for the unlocked unit, or in the amount of 51.000$ to unlock everything. City officials do not plan to pay hackers and they are working on resolving this problem. The city has partnered with the Department of homeland Security, Microsoft, Cisco and the FBI to determine what data was compromised and to find a solution.

At the moment our team Management Information working closely with Microsoft to resolve the problem. We are confident that our team of professionals will be able soon to restore the program. Our city Atlantaga.gov still available, and we will deliver the latest information as they get it.

said the local government.

Increase of exchanges:

In the last 24 hours almost all the leading currencies. cointelegraph recorded a growth of only EOS singled out from the crowd and recorded a decline of 2.2%. Bitcoin rose by 2.9%, Ethereum 2%, Ripple 2.2% Bitcoin Cash 0.6%, and Litecoin at 1.2%. The total capitalization of the market increased by $ 10 billion and now stands at 341 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 16.5 billion dollars.



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