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With poniedziałkowych event: Belarus introduced accounting standards on crypto currency; the Chinese government runs the platform Blockchainową; Known to the expert and the trader sees a brilliant year 2018 for Bitcoin; the Artist exhibited a painting with the encrypted portfolio; Exchanges quickly returned to the correction.

• Belarus introduced accounting standards for crypto currencies:

Belarus has officially unveiled the accounting standards kryptowalutowej, according to the document 6. March of the Ministry of Finance, said yesterday the local news Agency Jourtify.

The document defines the information needed on the availability of tokens for accounting purposes, and the classification of markers received by the organizations (except the National Bank, Development Bank, non-financial banking institutions and banking institutions) depending on their further use.

In December last year, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a law on the digital economy that supports the development of Blockchain and crypto currency. The law aims to streamline and largely eliminate the bureaucracy that would prevent the Blockchain innovation, as well as the establishment of accounting standards kryptowalutowej accordance with their fair instructions accounting for users on crypto currency.

Tokens or «numeric characters» referred to in the document acquired for the purpose of exercising the rights certified by the marker» will be classified in terms of how credit «calculations with different debtors and creditors» and «other income and expenses». The coins will again be sold should be classified in the section debit card as»Goods», sections «payments to contractors and suppliers» and «Mandatory spending and revenue» and those that are obtained by the extraction of cryptographic debetowi be as «finished goods». Updating existing accounting standards adds that account should be taken of the contents and the type of device, as well as their initial value at the beginning of year and end of the reporting period.
In November last year, Lukashenko also touched upon the cooperation with the Belarusian High-Tech Park (HTP), which will create an economic zone, based in Silicon Valley, providing the development of new technologies, including crypto currency and Pre-orders Coins (ICO).

The Chinese government runs the platform Blockchainową:

The Chinese government body of scientific research has provided a platform type of Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) to keep track of the individual and the supply chain. The system is called the Open Block Open Registry Platform (all brop), developed by the China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute, was officially launched at the summit financial technologies in Hangzhou, reports Securities Times.

While Chinese Internet giants Tencent, Baidu and JD.com have already launched their own platforms Baas, the project stands out for official links. On its web site research Institute reports that works as a fully state-owned subsidiary of China Banknote Printing and Mining Corporation, under the leadership of the Chinese people’s Bank (PBoC), the Central authority Bank account in the country.

A fundamentally new platform Baas needs to serve two main purposes: storing static data and registration of changes in the data. In accordance with the white book project, possible scenarios include the sharing of user information by government agencies through Blockchaina with the aim of streamlining procedures related to the test in the public service. Other possible use cases could include storing the selected data in order to prevent fraud in the food chain and in the field of forensic medicine.

The new platform appears due to pressure from the Chinese government to more rapid development of technology in the country to maintain global competitiveness, and as a result praise the Blockchain technology for political consultants during the biggest event of the political situation in the country in early March. Last week, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that it has developed standards for technologies, registers, distributed, and smart contracts.

Known to the expert and the trader sees a brilliant year 2018 Bitcoin:

Founder and Chairman of LDJ Fund and kryptowalutowy expert, David Drake, said that Bitcoin will be worth $ 30,000 at the end of this year. After a cold winter on the market crypto currency, famous investor said that 2018 is formed as a processing industry.

In an interview with Bloombergiem, David Drake of LDJ Capital of the company, expressed his positive opinion about the direction in which it moves of the Bitcoin. Notes that the cryptocurrency is currently very popular in Asia and in the United States of America, which he claims is currently the largest market. Drake is very optimistic, predicting a serious increase in the price of Bitcoin in the world. It follows from the analysis related to the movements of regulators as well as with increasing commitment to wall Street.

While Drake believes in a bright future for Bitcoin, it seems that there is another approach to this, compared with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsi eat, who said that Bitcoin will be the only «common currency» of the Internet. Instead, Drake insists that the hundreds of different on crypto currency remained present in the market.

Bitcoinowy investor strongly believes that there is a very innovative projects that offer excellent solutions that can shake the ratings on crypto currency. Notes that several projects are worthy of attention, such as Ethereum, but argues that Bitcoin will stay on top. According to Drake, largest cryptocurrency focused on protecting capital.

Even after the recent time Google and Facebook to ban direct advertising projects ICO, Drake remains quite optimistic. Says they do what’s right, because he focuses on projects with real solutions. His opinion seems to be in the theme of the SEC, which limits the activities of the ICO believes will support only projects with real value, good possible solutions and products for current use.

The artist exhibited a painting with the encrypted portfolio:

A new series of paintings by Andy Baucha «New Money» combines art and crypto, hiding the abstract codes in its schedules of Lego. Images are private keys for portfolios containing even $ 9000 in kryptowalutach. The purchase of the work, this does not mean that you become the owner of the private key, because anyone who decodes the code will be able to take the money for themselves. Bauch, however, said that buyers of any image will give a hint.

The exhibition, which took place in the Castelli Art Space in Los Angeles from March 23 to 25 also contains a direct stream of changing values of tokens in each section private. The contents of each portfolio remains unchanged, which means that no one violated any of the codes, or just transferred some more money. Patterns can be purchased at a price of $ 1,500 to $ 4,800-a$, and the price does not reflect the values of the tokens in your wallet.

For this particular project, art, Bauch in 2016. started buying different kryptowaluty, including Bitcoin and Litecoina. Then he used their private key for the formation of an abstract pattern using the algorithm which allowed for private aesthetic changes as long as not to affect the validity of the secret code. The artist says that through his work tries to fill the gap which often exists between the new technology and humanity.

The Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, can assist artists in obtaining the right of ownership for their projects, says Daniel Zhai, CEO of platform INK. Zhai told in December last year about the possibility of his platform based on Blockchain technology that can help artists tokenizacji their projects, and to offer a space for collective investment in digital currencies.

The exchange returned quickly to the adjustments:

Long nacieszyliśmy themselves increases on the exchanges. The last day drew us red candles, and Bitcoin moves in the direction of dollars. Is still above the line 8000, a decrease of 5.3%. Most currencies are still large gaps. From larger – Ethereum 7.1%, Ripple 6.1%, and Bitcoin from Cash of 6.6%. Capitalization the total market decreased by 21 billion dollars and currently amounts to 308 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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