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Event Tuesday: Twitter confirmed the decrease in blood pressure of cryptography; Deutsche Börse will launch a Blockchain platform credit; IOTA the subject of the research of the largest German universities; the Arrest of criminals okradających financial institutions; a Slight jump in prices on the stock exchanges.

• Twitter confirmed the decrease in blood pressure of cryptography:

The rumors have been confirmed that Twitter – the social media giant – will go through Facebook and Google to limit ads of cryptography.

Twitter told Reuters that the ban would include advertising the ICO and the sale of tokens. This will be introduced over the next 30. days and will include also exchange crypto currency and services portfolios, I think that it is a public company and traded on the major exchanges of securities. Twitter said that restricting the advertising for crypto exchanges in Japan only for those who are under the supervision of the national financial supervision authority.

Twitter brings safety to the users as the main motivator with the ban. The portal have already taken measures to prevent contentious relations associated with the thematic profiles crypto, but met with calls for the introduction of further measures after the introduction of prohibitions through Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. (Google).

Talking to Reuterem, Director Zennon Kapron of financial consultancy Kapronasia, said the risks associated with the Twitter service, as one need to ban:

With the increase in the number of inputs on the market ICO, it is impossible for anyone, and of course, platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, could not ICO and advertising on crypto currency, not knowing which are real and some scams… Although, of course, is the ICO needs to be a significant source of revenue for Twitter, but the consequences of negligent actions, it is not worth the risk.

Facebook has limited ad encryption in January of this year, when Google announced the ban earlier this month, which should be introduced in June 2018.

Deutsche Börse will launch a Blockchain platform credit:

Deutsche Börse Group, the German market for trade in securities, will release a Blockchain-based platform for lending the securities, in cooperation with HQLAx using platform R3 firms Corda Blockchain, as reported in a press release.

The partnership will create a fully integrated operating model to facilitate more effective management of protected smooth assets of high quality.

writes, the Finance Magnates.

According to Philip Seylla, Executive Director of Deutsche Börse Group, the cooperation between the German stock exchange, and HQLAx will be able to solve some of the major problems of modern credit markets, securities, using innovative tools.

With the establishment of an independent control of deposits, Deutsche Börse includes the technology of distributed computing books and complementary to the role of a neutral and reliable market that is open to many investors and agents of security. Therefore, Deutsche Börse supports market participants in the fight against global temporary governing bodies, at the same time relying on advantages of advanced Blockchain technology.

In early March, Credit Suisse and ING, have completed the first securities transaction with credit HQLAx based on vulnerability.

• IOTA the subject of the research of the largest German universities:

Laboratory of Machine tools and manufacturing Engineering WZL of the German University RWTH Aachen intends to investigate the cases of industrial use in IOTA. In this task, the RWTH will work in close collaboration with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest organization for applied research in Europe.

RWTH Aachen now accepts applications from teaching assistants, and research students who want to take part in a thesis or doktorancką one IOTA and it distributed the book the Tangle. The number of available jobs for the project are currently unknown, because the University RWTH Aachen has more than 44.000 students, making it the largest University in Germany in the field of technical education.

Research will focus on the technology Tangle that uses a BIT. Unlike Blockchain, the Tangle is that the miners check agreement. This, according to developers, makes the transaction processing IOTA are so light that they can be carried out on small machines, such as cars, smartphones, drones, portable computers or other network devices.

RWTH Aachen in addition to several other agencies collaborated with IOTA in the past. The capital of Taiwan wants to create a Smart City with it, while the German company Bosch has invested in technology that altcoina.

• The arrest of criminals okradających financial institutions:

Spanish police have arrested a gang of criminals, consisting of Russian and Ukrainian citizens, who were allegedly involved in the theft of more than 1.24 billion dollars from financial institutions worldwide, and then turned their illicit proceeds in Bitcoins, we learn from the report of the Associated Press.

According to statements published by the Spanish police and Europol, the leader of the gang, a Ukrainian by the name of «Dennis K.» and three suspected współsprawstwo Russian and Ukrainian origin, were found to be automatically arrested in the Spanish city of Alicante. Within 5 years, criminals have abducted, apparently, more than 1 billion euros (1.24 billion dollars) from financial institutions around the world. The criminals had previously been allegedly involved in cyber crime, including attacks on more than 100 financial institutions with which they were able to escape to an average of € 10 million in each attack. According to the authorities, almost all Russian banks were affected, and about 50 of them lost their money during attacks.

The gang gained access to the Bank’s internal network, by sending an e-phishing emails containing malicious attachments, sent to Bank employees. Malicious software will allow future performers control of the affected equipment, allowing them to access ATMs and use the machines to pay unlimited amounts of money. AP reports that cyber criminals have not released the money, but changed it to Bitcoin. When calculating the cryptocurrency was used to purchase a variety of assets, including real estate and cars in Spain.

In February 2018. Thai police detained the citizen of Russia Sergey Medvedev, who said that he is the second person in the international organizations dealing with cyber crime and the Dark Web administrator website Infraud. The portal was used to sell stolen credit cards, identities and illegally obtained documents state. At the time of the arrest, Medvedev had more than 100,000 Bitcoins, at the time, it is approximately 820 million dollars.

• Slight jump in prices on the stock exchanges:

In the last 24. watch on the stock exchanges on crypto currency, we are seeing a slight price increase. Bitcoin grew by 0.7% relative to previous rating, Ripple 0.5%, the EOS of 6.5% NEO 3.5%, the IOTA of 2.2%. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 16.8 billion dollars, and market capitalization is at the level of 308,7 billion. Bitcoin recently improves its position and is 44,6% of the whole market.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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