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Of events Wednesday: 3 large companies sue social network for the advertising ban crypto; European control of the market increases requirements for CFDs; Ford offers a motion control system that uses tokens; Uphold adds support for XRP; Cocoa Corp announced the launch of the platform the Blockchain; On exchanges is red.

3 large companies sue social network for the advertising ban crypto:

Association on crypto currencies and the Blockchain in Russia, China and South Korea are planning in may to file a joint lawsuit against Google, according to Twitter, network, facebook and Yandeksowi for something that is not allowed ads related to kryptowalutami, reports local news service TASS.

In late January, Facebook announced a ban on advertising on crypto currency, citing «deceptive and fraudulent advertising practices». Google followed in the footsteps of Facebook in March, but the ban will come into force only in June. Recently Twitter has also confirmed that it will block ads associated with the crypt, in particular, in the case of ICO and the sale of tokens. It is also expected that Yandex will release its own set of means of prohibition according to local media reports.

Organizations involved in a lawsuit against four media social networking «giants» technologically, it’s the Ukrainian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB), Korea Venture Business Associations and LCBT, Chinese investors Association kryptowalutowych.

We believe that this use of the monopoly position of these four companies who entered into an agreement kartelowe in order to manipulate the market. The ban was imposed because of the four organizations, has led in recent months to a significant drop in the market.

– said Yuri Pripachkin, the President RACIB, the conference Blockchain-RF-2018 in Moscow.

The organization has created the Eurasian Association Blockchain to create a Fund to support and wording of the claim. According to local news site, RIA Novosti, Pripachkin said that everyone can make a contribution to the Fund. He added that the lawsuit will also be filed against shareholders of companies, if they have purses kryptowalutowe.

[…] if it turns out that the shareholders or top managers of these companies have their own wallets kryptowalutowe, which are used for personal gain, using the position of their companies, they are subject to prosecution.

he says.

The lawsuit will be filed in the United States. As noted Pripachkin, some States in the US are given to crypto currency, largely with reference to Wyoming. In the past two months the state legislature passed a bill that slowed crypto from state property taxes and rozluźniały the securities laws.

European control of the market increases requirements for contracts for differences:

The European Supervisory Body the Securities and exchange (ECMA) has tightened the requirements for CFDs on kryptowalutach. CFD is contracts where the difference in the score, are carried out in monetary form, not in physical supply of goods or securities. Considered to be the easiest method of calculation, because all profits and losses are paid in cash. Provides investors with the same risks and rewards that carries with it the security without its availability.

The regulator of the EU will change the limit lever kryptowalutowych CFDs 2 : 1 after opening. This means that investors after opening must have sufficient funds to cover at least half of the contract value. First, the limit lever has been set at 5 : 1, which enabled investors to contract with only 20% of the cost of CFDs.

In January of 2018. ESMA issued a call to submit evidence on potential interventions in crypto CFD, arguing that the very high price volatility of crypto currencies as the underlying assets have raised concerns about the protection of investors.

[…] In the case of CFDs kryptowaluty many of these issues remains relevant. For specifics on crypto currency as an asset class, the market for financial instruments that impact on kryptowaluty, such as contracts for difference, will be closely monitored, and ESMA will appreciate that we need more stringent measures.

– said ESMA in a statement.

The post ESMA share the other Agency on regulation in the member States of the EU. In February the French financial markets regulator Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) published a statement that the derivatives on cryptocurrencies should be regulated under the new financial reforms in the EU. Meanwhile, trading platform that offer kryptowalutowe CFD must be governed and resolved in accordance with the regulation on European market infrastructure (EMIR).

In the same month, the Austrian Minister of Finance proposed the imposition of laws relating to financial derivatives on crypto currency to prevent money laundering using the digital currency. Unijni regulators repeatedly warned the consumers to higher risks associated with investing in kryptowaluty, with an emphasis on the lack of protection and understanding, loss of money and problems with financial nieuregulowanymi actions.

• Ford is offering a motion control system that uses tokens:

The American car manufacturer Ford has filed a patent for a device to communicate between vehicles, which involves replacing crypto tokens for moving, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO).

Ford claims that congestion, there are «psychological human drivers who are focused on your individual preferences of travel time.» The patent offers a way around these individual preferences with the help of «total managed include traffic and driving lights» (CMMP).

The application discusses the possibility to communicate of vehicles equipped with CACC (model of communication and a shared adaptive control of the cruise control) with other vehicles by exchanging tokens CMMP, changing their priority from the individual to the group flow of traffic.

Cars with this system therefore would be to change the tokens CMMP in separate agreements, which, as a method of traffic control, for example, can make some kind of vehicle took the slower lanes or to allow another vehicle to be included into the lane and, if necessary, ahead of the curve. Cars that have dedicated their individual time settings for a good smooth movement, you will be prompted chips from other participating vehicles.

Another example could be a situation when the driver is late for a meeting. He has only the possibility of sending a request to overtake any vehicle in 10 minutes in exchange for a certain amount of chips.

A German car manufacturer and parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, introduced this month its own digital currency based on Blockchain that rewards environmentally responsible drivers with coins that can be redeemed for VIP events.

Uphold adds support for XRP:

The XRP is attached to the existing list of currencies in the crypto currency and Uphold that you can buy or exchange, joining Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash among others that are already supported. According to the Vice-President of J. P. Thieriota, this move was made based on the results of the survey on Twitter, who pointed out that XRP was the most desired token to add, taking 51%, just over 12,000 votes. It should also after the January investment of the former head of Risk Department in the company Ripple, Greg Kidda, worth $ 57.5 million and the acquisition of the company Uphold the platform of mobile trading Cortex MCP a month later.

In fact, we need to find business partners with whom we can trade, given our system, because we have no domestic sheet orders. We need to create an integration with a third party. In the case of XRP is a brand new Blockchain – this is not an add marker ERC-20 is relatively trivial.

– said Thieriot, adding that Uphold worked on the integration of XRP for about a month.

XRP can be changed without any charges, and to use in operations under the existing proposal of the company to Uphold. It covers seven on crypto currency and 23 fiat currencies and four precious metals. For Uphold, the next stage involves the integration of the Ripple network, allowing direct Deposit and withdrawal of funds through the primary network. The company said that it should be implemented within the next few weeks.

Kakao Corp announced the launch of the platform the Blockchain:

Kakao Corp, the main conglomerate of the Internet service provider for the popular South Korean programs for messaging KakaoTalk, has officially unveiled a new business plan, Cocoa 3.0 which contains plans to open Blockchainowej platform aimed at the broader Asian markets, reported local news site Yonhap News. Earlier this month, Cocoa pre-announced the creation of the then unnamed platform, which is now called Ground X and zasugerowało the launch of the ICO.

Taking into account that the global paradigm it is changing currently leaps and bounds, we will work tirelessly to introduce services that will satisfy our users ‘ needs, introducing new technologies in the age of the Internet and mobility, because we have always been a pioneer in this market.

– said the co-chair of the Cocoa, Yeo Min-soo.

Jo su-Yong, another co-chair of the Cocoa, said during the announcement Cocoa 3.0 in Seoul, which is armed with high quality digital content, Cocoa spread beyond its strategic market – Japan, China and Asia, South-East, particularly in the areas of music, games and movies. Ground X is looking beyond South Korea with the aim to conquer technological leadership in Asia.

Ground X open my Blockchain platform for all, explore ways of using research and development and investment to ensure further development and to offer new services based on the Blockchain in combination with existing services Cocoa.

– transmits the message.

Exchanges red:

In the last days in the stock market the vast majority of crypto currency have reduced its value. Major: Bitcoin, 2%, Ethereum and Ripple 3.5%, and Bitcoin Cash 4.2%. The biggest fall recorded Litecoin – 6.7%. Capitalization the total market declined by $ 9 billion and currently stands at 299 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 13.8 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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