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Thursday events: American voters can use the ballot on the Blockchain; Canadian company denies its customers the to trade Bitcoinami; the German leader of the tourism industry made a payment Bitcoinem; Bitfinex changes the location of its headquarters; Bitcoin closer and closer to $ 7,000.

• American voters can use the ballot on the Blockchain:

Registered voters in West Virginia can use the newly developed platform for Blockchain mobile voting on major elections of 23. March 8 election day. may.

The platform is limited to voters in two counties and is a joint venture between the office of the Secretary of State of West Virginia, providers of technical Voatz, Tusk / Montgomery Philanthropies, New America, and platforms Blockchain Trust Accelerator.

This pilot project is the first of its kind in the United States. Application for voting using a mobile phone to use the Blockchain technology to secure the voting process.

In order to increase accessibility and enhance the credibility of the new electoral system, the Secretary of State of West Virginia, Mac Warner, has authorized its staff of the Division of Election law enforcement with mobile remote voting in General elections in 2018. To participate in the voting is required, only a compatible mobile device operating system like Apple or Android, and approved by state or Federal ID to use the Blockchain.

The United States still has made less progress in safe voting based on Blockchain than countries like Estonia. And government agencies worldwide, including Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, South Korea and Switzerland are actively pursuing the integration of Blockchain technology.

The canadian company does not allow its clients to trade Bitcoinami:

Canadian pożyczkowa Bank of Montreal (BMO) has banned its customers to buy Bitcoins, today it was confirmed.

Screenshot sent Reddita worker, shows the Bulletin that the Bank block all payments, credit, debit cards and online exchange for crypto currency. The reason, according to the newsletter, is the great variability of courses.

BMO will effectively and instantly to block transactions of traders in the crypto currency. This decision was taken through a variable nature on crypto currency as well as to better protect the safety of our customers and the Bank.

– stated in the Bulletin, the text of which is based on the need to protect customers:

This decision was taken through a variable nature on crypto currency as well as to better protect the safety of our customers and the Bank.

The price of Bitcoin since January, is in the range 7.000-11.500$, but the rate of change is noticeably smaller than in previous stages dziewięcioletniej history kryptowaluty. BMO did not mention the fact that cryptocurrency has a negative impact on the security of his or her clients and also does not prove that’s how it should be. In the agreements that block, the Bank simulates a very controversial movement Visa introduced earlier this year in connection with debit cards, based on kryptowalutach.

• German leader of the tourism industry made a payment Bitcoinem:

German national tourist Board (for these purposes, the office) now accepts Bitcoin and other kryptowaluty as payment for their services.

As part of our strategy towards digitization, are constantly monitoring the latest technologies and trends, and we will see whether it is possible to implement them in our company.

said Petra Hedorfer, CEO, for these purposes, the office.

Marketing organization expressed an interest in testing the underlying cryptographic Blockchain technology for their financial transactions, and can use it for international payments. As a global company, for these purposes, the office wants to give an example as a leader in the field of tourism, said Hedorfer.
The national Tourism Council, for these purposes, the office with its headquarters in Frankfurt is subject to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, which also received funding. For these purposes, the office has the goal of developing strategies and products that positively represent Germany as an attractive target. To do this, the organization supports 32. Agency abroad.

At the end of February 2018. The Federal Ministry of Finance Germany recognized virtual currency for a reasonable deal for payment in accordance with the precedent established in the European Court of Justice in 2015. Germany intend to cooperate with the EU and other countries in the field of creation for the regulation of trading platforms and the initial offerings of coins (ICO). The first detailed rules for operators of ICO in Germany was taken in late February, the Federal Office of Financial Supervision (BaFin), which has power over the space of cryptography because there is no specific rules.

• Bitfinex changes the place of its headquarters:

Bitfinex, the fifth largest crypto trading platform in the world by trading volume, plans to move to Zug in Switzerland, reports Cointelegraph auf Deutsch.

Jean Louis van der Velde, CEO of Bitfinex, confirmed the plans of the shares of the Swiss business newspaper Handelszeitung. Director Bitfinex, apparently, several times met with the General Secretariat for International Finance SIF, and Federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammannem, who directs the Department of Economic Switzerland.

We are looking for a new location for the headquarters for Bitfinex and the parent company iFinex where we want to combine the existing elements scattered in several places.

said van der Velde der Blatt.

Professionals of accounts Department in Switzerland who are familiar with this business, they say that Bitfinex will be incorporated as a joint stock company in the British virgin Islands and, consequently, will be organized with the previous parent company iFinex. The current steering team, headed by Dutchman van der Velde, and also plans to settle in Switzerland. As the legal Department, and financial and technical Department will work in the future in Switzerland. Although the exchange is also considering London as a possible alternative, Switzerland is at the top of the list, said van der Velde for Handelszeitung, continuing that the exchange is ready to cooperate with the regulatory authorities in order to meet the following conditions:

We want to be the most transparent of all exchanges and meet the requirements of the Swiss regulator.

Zug was in the perfect location for business cryptographic other than Bitfinex. Operating on an international scale type Blockchain startups like Xapo, ShapeShift, Monetas and Etherisc also have headquarters in Zug.

• Bitcoin is getting closer and closer to $ 7,000:

In the last days it took $ 19 billion from the market, and currently its market capitalization is now 280 billion. The effect of this we see almost all kryptowalutach. Since, Bitcoin has issued a correction at the level of 5.1% – its price is less than $ 7500 – Ethereum is 7.9%, and the Ripple of 5.7%. The largest loss among the first 50 years we are celebrating with Bitcoin Cash, the price of which fell to 12.5%.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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