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With Saturday’s events: Personal communication group through the Blockchain; Zhakowana the exchange does not receive compensation; Japanese exchange increases security measures; FBI warns about scams; a Slight increase in the weeks after the fall.

• Personal communication group through the Blockchain:

Cisco, a world leader in the industry of IT, is developing a method of confidential communication based on Blockchain technology group, according to a patent application published by the Bureau of Patents and trademarks USA (USPTO).

In a statement, the company describes how Blockchain can provide a more confidential and secure transmission of group messages, share files and track membership. The technology in the patent is intended to deal with typical problems faced by groups who want to communicate ad hoc.

The way in which group membership is established, updated, and protected from unauthorized manipulation, this is a typical problem for which there is no free design, which can be effective in the context of dynamic, decentralized and samoorganizującej group. […] This method allows to emergency situations and from a centralized to a distributed group definitions, dynamic and decentralized membership renewal, to share, resistance to manipulation and to track the history of a subscription.

reads the patent.

The method provides for the creation of a secure network using cryptographic keys. Only authorized participants can join a group chat, based on the above from a centralized to a distributed network.

The Genesis block, which defines an initial set of panel members formed in the first member. All actions in the chat, including add and remove members from the conversation will be written in sequential blocks. Other possible applications of the technology offered not only to send text messages but also share files, and even streaming multimedia:

In conclusion, this document describes a method of obtaining authorization in a confidential group interaction through an ordered list of data blocks representing a tamper-proof chronological record of updates related to group membership […]

There are many applications of these methods. One of them is the ability to encrypt instant messaging, sharing content and media that is transmitted in streaming mode. This is useful when developing a Protocol or application that is designed to allow confidential communications group.

Publication of the patent application, may admit the applicant with certain temporary rights to used in this technology. If a patent is granted the applicant can receive fair pay licenses for activities that violate copyrights, which had occurred since the date of publication of the patent application until the date of issuance of the patent.

Zhakowana exchange will not receive compensation:

Yapian Corp., the operator of the twice attacked by hackers exchange, Youbit, has not received compensation in the amount of $ 2.8 million after wykradnięciu alleged 17% of its assets, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Security breach, South Korean Bitcoinowej exchange, Youbit, led the company to filing an application for recognition of bankruptcy. 75% of the content of the client’s portfolio was available for payout, and the rest was suspended until the end of the bankruptcy proceedings.

Hacking this, along with a few others made on the South Korean stock exchanges crypto, was appointed północnokoreańskim hackers. Youbit, which was formerly called the Yapizon was also zhackowany in April last year.

Press release Yapian says DB Insurance, the insurance provider Yapian, refused to pay due to non-disclosure Youbit relevant information before purchasing insurance policy, Youbit finds an excuse not to pay compensation. The period of protective policy began 1. December, just weeks before the invasion. The policy was supposed to cover up to 2.8 million dollars in annual premium in the amount of 244.000$.

DB Insurance confirmed that he refused to claim insurance Yapian, but did not disclose to the public the reasons for the refusal. Yapian currently sold through the purse cryptographic Coinbin.

Japanese exchange increases security measures:

GMO Internet, operator of the Japanese stock exchange kryptowalutowej GMO Coins announced the creation of a «Bureau of information Security Audit Group» to develop more effective security measures designed to protect customer information. GMO Coin was one of the exchanges crypto, which has received an order for business improvement through a Japanese Agency Financial Services Agency (FSA) after a series of checks, initiated by the January break-in to the exchange Coincheck kryptowalutową.

New GMO Internet group, managed by an experienced expert on security issues, Rice Miyazaki, will be composed of external security consultant. The creation of this group is aimed at «the protection of vital information about customers in front of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks due to the highly safe remedies and the desire to improve the knowledge of security information and support group of security officers».

A little over a week ago, GMO Coin left on its website information about what przedłożyło a plan to improve the business, which they had asked the FSA to the local Finance office of Kanto.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and concerns that were experienced by our customers and stakeholders […] we Are very serious about this administrative penalty […] and constantly improved system of risk management objectives for the plan [improving], so that we could offer the services that clients can feel safe.

– added the exchange.

GMO Internet is also involved in mining for crypto currency. In September last year announced that in 2018. they plan to capture 6% of the market of Bitcoin mining.

As a result of strict supervision and regulation in Japan, two cryptographic exchange decided to cease operations this week.

The FBI warns about scams:

The Complaint center’s Internet Crime (IC3), which includes the FBI issued a public announcement, warning against the spread of cheats that are technical support for a variety of industries, including sectors on crypto currency.

The Declaration defines «cheating» as «criminal, which provides clients, security, and technical support in order to deceive unsuspecting people,» and frequent reports of this type of fraud, which often rely on applying for government agents, proszeniu for financial aid when you stop the criminals, and even provide compensation for possible losses associated with fraud technical support.

Cheat support can be by telephone, search engines, pop-UPS, blocked screens and phishing emails, according to the FBI.

The Agency expects that the company should update their anti-virus software and ad blocking, or rather to check the customer care numbers searched in search engines and «resist pressure to act quickly» in cases of Internet technology, because criminals create a sense of urgency, cause fear and cause the victim to immediate action.

Victims of fraud fraud for technical support please FBI immediately to report incidents in the most extent IC3.

A slight increase in the weeks after drops:

In the last days of exchanges most currencies recorded an increase. These basic Bitcoin 6.1%, Ethereum by 8.33%, Ripple 5.2% Bitcoin Cash 3.5% and Litecoin to 6%. On the General background is Stellar and cardan with the queue increases by 19.7% and 11.6%. The total capitalization of the market increased by 18 billion dollars and is currently $ 270 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to us $ 12.2 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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