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Recent events: elimination of the $ 120 million fraud affects the price of BTC; the Belgian government auctioning Bitcoins worth 125.000 dollars; Subsequent conferences crypto will be postponed; On the Blockchain the platform of the people’s Bank of China will reach 4.7 million us dollars; a Significant drop on the exchanges.

Elimination of $ 120 million fraud affects the price of BTC:

Analysts said that with the resurrection of Bitcoin fell to lost from two months minimum, perhaps due to the elimination of more than $ 100 million kryptowalucie scams PlusToken.

According to Bitstamp, the leading cryptocurrency fell by almost 10 percent from to $ 8,900 and $ 8,000 on Sunday to register its biggest single day fall since September 2019. Then on Monday of Bitcoin fell further to two months of testing lows below 7.700 dollars.

The sudden decline in prices, it seems, is due to the sale of BTC via PlusToken.

said Ashish Singhal, DIRECTOR General of the exchange kryptowalutowej CoinSwitch.that.

On Saturday the crooks to control other wallets of the Chinese program was transferred 13.000 Ponzi Bitcoins (currently worth about $ 101 million, but at the time, close to about $ 120 million) of so-called mixers crypto, causing a sharp decline in prices. The mixers serve to conceal the source of the transaction and the cryptographic.

PlusToken was depicted as a wallet for crypto currency, and fraudsters, promising rewards wyłudzili from investors, probably even $ 2 billion in kryptowalutach. While six of the scammers was arrested in June 2019, the government was not able to take up to 180,000 Bitcoin, Ethereum and 6.400.000 111.000 Tether, which was sent from fraud victims to the portfolios PlusToken.

People controlled portfolios PlusToken with Aug remove their stolen Bitcoins and probably played a big role in the price decrease from 12,000 to 6,500 dollars for four months, until November. In December, the fraud, as was previously controlled by 20.000 Bitcoins, of which 13.000 remained banned during the weekend.

Of course some may argue that the transfer of crypto, for mixers does not necessarily lead to liquidation, and the main reason for Sunday sales on the global financial markets there was an epidemic koronawirusa. But on Thursday, the Bitcoin price was always higher than $ 9000 when stolen kryptowaluty was moved to the faucets, and prices fell sharply the next day. Moreover, the traditional markets on the weekend were closed.

The Belgian government auctioning Bitcoins worth 125.000 dollars:

Wilson Auctions, main auction house with headquarters in the UK and Ireland, and under the hammer of Bitcoin in the amount of 125,000 dollars.

In a recent advert Wilsons showed that the auction will be held Wilsons Auctions Dublin, March 24. Bitcoin sold in behalf of the Belgian Federal government, who intercepted cryptocurrency criminal cases and is currently working with the Department of Resource Recovery, to get rid of Bitcoins. The auction has a fixed minimum rates for winning trades.

While the Wilsons have previously sold digital currency in other formats, auction, sale this month is the first public online auction kryptowaluty in Ireland.

Mark woods, Director of the restoration of the property in the Wilsons, said about the auction:

This format has become very popular among our customers who are able to bet online and buy the cryptocurrency from a recognized and verified with the auction house instead of using the exchanges-sites that can be potentially dangerous and complex process.

said woods.

He also added that the Wilsons offers tips for beginners on crypto currency to allow all investors to participate on equal terms.

Woods reacted positively to the recent cooperation of the auction house with the international experts, law enforcement and state bodies in the field of crypto currency, noting that the strategy allows home aukcyjnemu to stay in charge of events.

The next conference will be postponed crypto:

Worldwide quickly came to the escalation of the explosion koronawirusa COVID-19. So far, the epidemic has affected two highlights of the conference encryption in the United States.

«Bitcoin 2020», originally scheduled for March 27 and 28 in San Francisco, it was moved for the third quarter of 2020. Chamber of Commerce Digital shot, also to be held next week, a press conference, «DC Blockchain Summit 2020».

The organizers of the Bitcoin 2020 assured all participants that their tickets to the conference will automatically be valid for the postponed meeting. They also asked all registered participants to request to return the money waiting for the debut of the updated data.

In connection with the forthcoming halvingiem Bitcoin in may, the purpose of the conference Bitcoin 2020 was a collection of the best speakers and supporters of Bitcoins in one place. They hoped to discuss future stages of the Blockchain technology and to determine whether current track technology will allow it to reach full potential.

DC Blockchain Summit invites public officials and influential representatives of the Blockchain as the main speakers. The event was organized by the Chamber of Digital Commerce», an organization aimed at promoting the adoption and use of digital resources and technologies based on the Blockchain.

The exact dates for both events have not yet been confirmed.

On the Blockchain the platform of the people’s Bank of China will reach 4.7 million us dollars:

The people’s Bank of China (PBoC) has purchased 4.7 million dollars from the Central government of China on the platform of the Blockchain. Funding will continue for three years and will focus on R & d projects.

Platform the Blockchain was first submitted to PBoC in Shenzhen in September 2018. The platform is designed to facilitate the transfer and creation of niemodyfikowalnej books the magazine for the secure exchange of information between enterprises and government departments.

It is estimated that by mid-January, the platform has altered agreements worth 12.4 billion dollars for the 38 banks and nearly 1,900 companies that have signed an agreement to use the platform.

One of the Chinese media claim that the platform reduced the processing time of the processes associated with trade Finance with about 10 days in just 20 minutes. Expenses incurred in connection with the financing of enterprises that carried out with the help of this platform, also, apparently, fell by about 6%.

The platform manages the Laboratory of Digital Currencies – the organization, the PBoC, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the leading Chinese universities and the major local banks.

Blockchain technology located in China becoming more and more widespread in recent months. In early March, Beijing launched based on Blockchain technology electronic billing system Parking. The tax police in Beijing said that he would gradually enter the invoice Blockchain, all Parking lots in the city to promote electronic invoices. The Agency plans to introduce similar changes in more sectors in the future.

In the first half of February, the Chinese media oszacowały that runs at least 20 applications of the Blockchain to help in the efforts of the Chinese government is koronawirusa – including in the management and tracking of medical records, medical supplies and humanitarian aid.

A significant drop on the exchanges:

The prices of all the leading crypto currency went down. The failure on the crypto currency of the top ten remain at the level approx. between 6 and 14%. Most lost today Tezos noticing a decline of 14.4%, followed in turn: Binance Coins 12%, Litecoin 10.6%, Ethereum 9.6%, Bitcoin Cash 9% EOS 8%, Bitcoin 6.9%, Bitcoin SV by 6.5%, XRP 5.7%.

Capitalization the total market declined by 36.7 billion currently stands at 220.9 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 173.9 billion.

withsource: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com

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