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Tuesday events: Judge criticizes Craig Wright for forgery; Belarus wants right konfiskowania illegal on bitcoin; Kraken joins India; the Current situation on the stock exchanges.

Judge criticizes Craig Wright for forgery:

Judge Bruce Reinhart criticized Craig Wright for making fraudulent documents and presenting a blatant testimony in the ongoing dispute between Wrightem and Ira Kleiman during questioning about Tulip Trust.

Reinhard questioned the authority of Wright, noting that in the past the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto openly lied to the court:

In particular, taking into account my previous statement that Dr. Wright has developed forged documents, including judicial, I refuse to rely on such documents, which can easily be obtained by anyone who has a software for edit text and button […] Not more weight to the jury the statements of doctor Wright that support their interests, but which were not appealed and cross-research for which I cannot determine the accuracy. Earlier, I found that Dr. Wright committed perjury in my presence.

he said.

March 9, 2019. judge Reinhart ordered Wrightowi drawing up a list of its resources of Bitcoin, which Wright stated again that it can’t do that, because they have blind trust, which had no access.Wright estimated that the delivery of letters by courier will run until January 2020.

Judge bloom allowed Wrightowi to 3 January 2020. give notice to the court, «indicating that this mysterious figure appeared from the shadows, and the defendant has now access to the last fragment of the key to unlock the encrypted file».

January 6, 2020. Wright designed the documents confirming a previously unknown Deposit «Tulip Trust III». As judge bloom, and the plaintiffs asked for evidence to determine how Wright got the documentation for the Tulip Trust III.

Wright claimed that his wife is a Trustee of the Tulip Trust, and received a contract as an encrypted file in December 2019. from Advisor Deposit required.

Wright assured that the relationship between his wife Ramona watts and Advisor of the trust, Denis Mayaka, protected by privilege, attorney-client, adding that the relationship between him and his wife protected the privilege of the bed.

The judge stated that «the act should not be, that between you and Mayaka Mrs. watts is the relationship between the lawyer and the client, ignoring the «Declaration Mayaka» Wright, because he was not properly confirmed. In addition, the judge stated that the document did not specify Mayaki as an Advisor, noting that «attributed to him a different role.»

Belarus wants right konfiskowania illegal on crypto currency:

Among the countries that largely sell at the auction of confiscated Bitcoins within the law enforcement, some jurisdictions are struggling to permit the confiscation of crypto currency.

The Belarusian authorities want the legislators instructed them to take from criminals on crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. The investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the centralized system of state bodies, alleged plans to support the initiative of the legal entity that will give them the authority to collect on crypto currency.

Ivan Noskiewicz, the head of the Investigative Committee, publicly expressed his initiative in an interview to Belarusian state television channel CTV. According to Executive authorities of Belarus did not have any regulations that zezwalałyby authorities on purchase of cryptocurrencies through Executive action.

According to officials, the Committee is experiencing problems during the investigation of criminal cases involving crypto currency. In this regard, the Investigative Committee proposed to amend the existing criminal legislation to allow the authority to take on crypto currency in such cases. In addition, Noskiewicz said that the government should be able to confiscate crypto from persons, who used them in crimes motivated by profit.

Noskiewicz in addition, he expressed hope that lawmakers in Belarus will take the position of the Investigative Committee and will introduce the necessary changes in the existing criminal law.

We have already faced such cases, but no legal regulation of the mechanism of capture on crypto currency. I hope the legislators will listen to the opinion of the investigative Commission, and such amendments will be made to the legislation relating to criminal proceedings.

he said.

The Kraken will come to India:

The American stock exchange cryptographic Kraken will start to increase its activities in the Indian market after the recent decision of the Supreme Court of this country to repeal the prohibition on doing business with companies of cryptography, telecommunications with the published advertisement.

According to the Kraken development in India was blown up the ban of the reserve Bank of India (RBI). The company did not disclose, however, details of the plans for this large market.

Sunny Ray), Director of global business development at Monster, said that before the decision of the Supreme Court of India:

This is a very exciting moment for India. Satoshi created Bitcoin because he thought that Central banks are ineffective. The fact that the industry encryption he fought and won with the Central Bank located in the second populous country in the world, is a huge achievement. We struggled to 1.5 billion people had the right to have access to crypto.

he says.

The exchange said that the future is bright, if we are talking about Indian market and expressed hope that it will provide more information about this new the commitments with the users of the second most populous country in the world.

Also Binance made a significant output into the Indian market encryption in November 2019. The company acquired local exchange cryptography WazirX, allowing users to buy and sell crypto currencies with Indian rupees (INR).

The current situation on the stock exchanges:

After the decisive poniedziałkowych drop exchanges appeared again greens. The bursts are allocated Tezos today with a score of +9.2 percent. Other kryptowaluty of the top ten record increase in the range of from 1 to 4%: XRP +3.9%, and EOS +3,7%, Binance Coin +3,5% Litecoin +3%, Bitcoin Cash +2.8%, in Ethereum and Bitcoin SV +2.6%, the Bitcoin of +1.2%.

The total capitalization of the market increased by 4.7 billion dollars currently amounts to 225.6 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 139.8 billion.

withsource: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com

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