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Of events Wednesday: YouTube continues to censor content kryptowalutowych; participant of a conference Ethereum warned that he was one of the infected; Crypto-scamy second most dangerous deception in North America; Iota Foundation re-launches the network; the Current situation on the stock exchanges.

YouTube continues to censor content kryptowalutowych:

In the next round of censorship, YouTube has removed the two videos with two separate channels encryption. Ivan on Tech, a developer of encryption, wrote on Twitter that YouTube removed one of his films. Moon, technical analyst and correspondent, said that the platform removed one of his compositions.

A cryptographic YouTuberów received bans and warnings at the end of 2019, this Chris Dunn, Beadles Crypto and altcoin will be Daily.Chris Dunn noticed that YouTube has banned his channel for the «harmful or dangerous content» and «sale of goods subject to regulation.»

In response, the moon in late December YouTube, wrote on Twitter that the ban was a mistake.

Hey, it was a mistake on our part during the verification process – Your film must be restored and the warning is solved. Let us know if you see it differently!

– wrote the platform.

After the outrage, YouTube has restored a few of these movies and accounts.

Currently it seems that YouTube went back to the lock on the crypto currency. Ivan on Tech, said that he had received a warning for deleted videos, but moon said that YouTube has threatened him a warning after the removal of his movie.

Cryptographic cleanup is still happening and the second time dealing with that.

said moon in tweecie.

In another category, BNP Paribas Bank also recently issued a ban that is associated with kryptografią, blocking its customers move to bitcoin in Coinbase.

Member of the conference Ethereum warned that he was one of the infected:

On 11 March, the founder of the decentralized platform TorusLabs, Zhen Yu Yong (Zen), wrote on Twitter that he was diagnosed koronawirusa COVID-2019.

Zen urged people who might have contact with him during hakathonu ETHLondon, which took place on 28 February – 1 March, Conference or Social Ethereum (ECC), which took place in the period from 3 March – 5 March in Paris, to take further measures and / or study.»

The threat koronawirusem in recent weeks received several major conferences relating to crypto currency. Paris Blockchain Week 2020 has recently been shifted to December 9, after France imposed a ban on large meetings in the premises at the end of February. ECC was, however, exempted from the ban, because there were fewer than 5,000 participants.

Koronawirus also had an impact on the Blockchain week, which was a very low turnout and the presentation, which originally was to take place on the stage was quickly reorganized as the webinars will be broadcast live.

Social Fears associated with the spread of the disease, also had a significant impact on the attendance at yesterday’s summit CryptoCompare about digital resources in London.

Crypto-scamy second most dangerous deception in North America:

The report is published the Better Business Bureau (BBB), says that fraud related to kryptowalutami constantly growing, becoming the second most dangerous is very useful in 2019 in North America.

According to a study by the organization estimated the trust, deception amounted to an average of about 3,000 dollars in losses for companies and charitable organizations in Canada and the United States. The most common tactic, according to the study, the false promise of «significant» return on investment kryptowaluty. In these figures is a significant increase in comparison with the results of their report, 2018, where the average loss amounted to $ 900.

BOB believes in addition, losses from fraud cryptographic losses that were the result of a trade on the exchanges, vulnerable to hacker attacks. The organization believes kryptowaluty for risky assets due to transactions that cannot be cancelled in the event of theft or hacking.

This report cites only one application of a resident of Arizona about a man allegedly oszukanej through investing in crypto. The BBB also indicates that most of the scams on the site starts with a contact e-mail.

BBB one third of cryptographic fraud related to the purchase of tokens, listed on the stock exchange cryptocurrencies C2CX as responsible for one third of these losses (31%).

Of fraud associated with kryptografią is not only subject of a report. BBB przytoczyło 9.050 cases of fraudulent web sites and online shopping. For comparison, the company said only 273 cases of fraud related kryptografiami in the same year.

Another way of fraud is the fraudulent offer of employment, referred to in the first place in the rating of BBB, with the risk factor reflecting the amount of 153.6, and then cryptographic attacks, which are 93.8 and online purchases with a small margin of difference of 93.6.

Iota Foundation re-launches network:

After almost a month from the huge hacking Iota Foundation again launched the network.

The Iota network is again started after the attack, which took place February 12, at software Trinity Wallet platform. Although the network was closed on the same day to prevent further security breach THROWS 8.55 million – about $ 2 million – was stolen by 50 users.

In a post on the blog since March 10, the IOTA Foundation has announced that the coordinator – centralized unit that deals with all transactions returned to the network after a period of migration of seeds.

The computer version of the Trinity Wallet was vulnerable when hackers gained access to private keys, and wallet. The reason for the attack was assigned MoonPay, the service that allows users direct purchase Iota.During the week, the Foundation urged users to use the migration tool to transfer their tokens to the new, and account security.

In response to this theft Iota also submitted their plans to limit the possibility of future violations:

The IOTA Foundation is undertaking a review of its internal processes, introducing changes in methods, software protection, expanding our capabilities and resources security, as well as expanding our efforts in education and excellence in the field of software that supports user accounts on the network IOTA.

– we read.

According to the Foundation, not found the person responsible for the break-from 12 February. Iota, however, «will continue to cooperate with the FBI and police, British, German and Malta for detecting and tracking the attacker».

The current situation on the stock exchanges:

The exchange after the end of the day show a clear failure. The value of Bitcoin dropped by 2.3%, Ethereum 7% XRP for 3.6%, Bitcoin Cash 5% Bitcoin SV 9.1%, and Litecoina 5.6%.

Capitalization the total market declined by 8.6 billion dollars currently amounts to 217 billion dollars. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 122.9 billion dollars.

withsource: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com

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