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Thursday events: Bitcoin fell below $ 6,000; Monster launches Forex trading 9 currencies; the Alleged owner of the illegal market arrested by the FBI; presidential Candidate the US wants to create AmeriCoina.

Bitcoin has fallen below $ 6,000:

On the stock exchanges today we saw a very sharp decline in all on crypto currency. Within one hour of Bitcoin from the previous level dropped to 5,500 dollars.

Currently the value of Bitcoin is 6.120 dollars – that is, a decline of 20.9% in relation to last night. The greatest percentage reduction should be however, today Bitcoin SV: -32,1%, followed by sequentially Bitcoin Cash -30,4%, Tezos -28,7%, Ethereum -25,4%, Litecoin -24,1%, Binance Coin -24,3%, EOS – 23,8%, XRP -18,6%.

Capitalization the total market declined by 44.9 billion currently stands at 172.1 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 186.9 billion.

Kraken launches Forex trading 9 currencies:

The us stock market in crypto currency Kraken is included in the traditional trade in the Forex market presenting to the market today nine new currency pairs.

From hours 14:30 UTC users around the world – in particular, Us residents will be able to use the platform Kraken for direct trade between the Euro, us dollars, canadian dollars, Japanese jenem, British pound, szterlingiem and the Swiss franc.

Accurate currency pair: EUR / CAD, USD / CAD, USD / JPY, EUR / CHF, USD / CHF, EUR / USD, EUR / GBP, EUR / JPY, GBP / USD.

Monster seem to be the first big exchange of cryptography, which entered the Forex market.

In contrast to services trade kryptowalutami, Monster does not offer trading deposits, providing in its offer Forex at the time of launch. Specified, however, as he claims, «minimum orders in the industry», which means that traders should trade only 10 units of the base currency for each transaction.

Prices will be displayed with accuracy to five decimal places, except JPY pairs to be displayed with accuracy to 3 points. The exchange has represented its commitment to the provision of services forex as something that will allow your customers to be «more manageable and sophisticated» in their trading strategies.

In recent days, Kraken announced its plans to expand services to the Indian market, after recent court decisions in the Supreme Court of this country on the abolition of existing restrictions on banking services for companies and cryptography.

The alleged owner of the illegal market arrested:FBI

Cyril Victorowicz Firsow, the alleged owner of the Russian anonymous portal Deer.io, was arrested March 7, through agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at the JFK airport in new York.

Court documents say that Firsov is the brain of the Deer.io – side offering in the style of darknet in exchange for Bitcoins, in a conventional network. The FBI believes that the possibility of selling more than 17 million dollars.

Firsov will be put before the court in new York court this week, where, as expected, will be indicted for selling information selling, and human trafficking.

Starting from 2013. Deer.io held of 24,000 active stores specializing in stolen information, offering a simple solution «turn-key» for entrepreneurs from the black market.

The sellers paid about 800 Russian rubles ($12,50) for his work on the Deer.IO each month and hosting provided by private Russian servers beyond the reach of U.S. authorities.

Fees for the benefit of Firsowa uiszczano in Bitcoinach or with the help of the Russian platform payment system WebMoney. Of the 250 stores Deer.io inspected the still FBI, no company was involved in legal goods. Products for sale on the platform included the user password, fake account in social networks and confidential data, establishing identity, such as birth certificates and tax returns.

During its investigations, the FBI conducted several purchases using the platform of Deer, including 999 documents containing personal data (PII) from a single vendor over $ 170 in Bitcoinie. For 522 $ in Bitcoinie won the 2650 set of documents from another vendor, and crypto costs$ 20, the FBI was able to collect usernames and passwords 1.100 hacked accounts games.

Deer.io has gained importance as an underground market that specializes in stolen goods in 2016 after the infamous hacker Tessa88 used the platform for selling confidential data, broken social networks Twitter and MySpace.

The candidate in presidents of the United States wants to create AmeriCoina:

Adam Kokesh, the first libertariański candidate presidential race in the U.S. in 2020, has appointed Alastaira Caithnessa his chief Advisor on policy to the Blockchain. The purpose of this role will be working on the development of sovereign kryptowaluty known as AmeriCoin.

Looking ahead, Caithness will focus on development of kryptowaluty related to all assets of the Federal government. These include the considerable resources of land, energy, gold, timber and minerals of the U.S. government, the Associated Press reports.

Kokesh is committed to creating a new decentralized monetary system, which is based on AmeriCoin. Through AmeriCoin citizens will receive a universal basic income and compensation for the existing state policy of taxes. According to the candidate of the institutional imperfections, such as they interfere with the citizens to achieve their vision of success in American society, or the so-called American Dream.

Professional origin of Caithness is marked by the development of oil and gas security token called ZiyenCoin, which focuses on the development of Blockchain and the Internet of Things in the oil sector.

Caithness believes that AmeriCoin change the economic landscape of the country and provide financial freedom to all citizens.

AmeriCoin has the potential to restore freedom to all people in the United States, and we are building a dream team of Blockchain experts who will join me in developing this important project. There is no better way to restore power to the American people than the democratization of the ownership of resources of the Federal government through tokenizację.

he says.

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