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Friday events: the Novogratz: Investors have lost confidence in Bitcoin; Peter Brandt: Bitcoin could fall below $ 1000; new York requires crypto companies, plans koronawirusa; global crypto conference will be held on-line; Even the fall in the exchanges.

The novogratz: Investors have lost confidence in Bitcoin:

As after any serious crash of Bitcoin, analysts argue now about what could be the cause. This time, however, the answer is simple, at least according to the famous bull Bitcoin and CEO of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratza.

In tweecie 13 March, Novogratz said:

[Bitcoin] has always been a game based on trust. All crypto. And it seems that the global credibility is almost all gone.

Pandemic koronawirusa has shaken world markets and disputes between peoples of the developed oil only aggravated the situation. Because investors frantically liquidate their assets, even those that are considered safe heaven is not insured. While Bitcoin saw yesterday 40% drop in gold prices also fell, although not to the same degree.

Instead think about the loss Novogratz provides that the real question is how to restore confidence in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price fell yesterday for a while until a new annual minimum of $ 3.782, then immediately rose again above 5,200 dollars. So the trust has not disappeared completely, but some will still try to benefit from the extreme volatility of Bitcoin at the time.

Peter Brandt: Bitcoin could fall below $ 1000:

Bitcoin dropped today below $ 4,000, for the first time from the deep crypto winter. One of the experienced market analysts believe that may fall even more.

Markets on crypto currencies are in free fall after the announcement yesterday the travel ban between the U.S. and Europe and ongoing volatility in all financial markets.

Veteran trader Peter Brandt – famous for correct predictions of crisis in the market from the top level, today posted a tweet with the answer that no one wanted to hear the answer to your query on the new «bottom» of Bitcoin due to koronawirusa.

Brandt said that if you look at the table of Bitcoin «without prejudice», a new bottom can potentially «below $ 1,000. It is almost 80% below the current price, which is slightly more than $ 5,000.

Analyst disposable goods is not crypto-skeptical – actually, more focused on the bull than the bear, if we are talking about Bitcoin, and believes that the parabolic rise on the chart Bitcoin can bring up to $ 140 000.

Brandt also correctly pointed to the jump in the price of the crypto in the depths of winter, shortly before doubling the price of Bitcoin in mid-July.

Bitcoin cut support in the amount of 5.500 5.200 dollars and dollars, and for some time fell below $ 4,000 – about re-testing 2-year lows before a few minutes came to more than $ 1,000.

New York requires crypto companies, plans koronawirusa:

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio declared yesterday a state of emergency in response to the explosion koronawirusa. «The only analogy war», – he said – and the consequences for the industry encryption, as for all others, there is otrzeźwiające.

Even before de Blasio on March 10, the Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) in new York, sent a letter to all regulated entities involved in activities related to kryptografią, asking them to submit detailed plans expectations» to correct the historical risk:

COVID-19 already had adverse economic consequences in the country and in the world. It is very important that each regulated entity has developed plans on how to manage the impact of the pandemic and the assessment of interference and other threats to your services and operations.

NYFDS asked the companies cryptographic of how a quick response, and «in any case not later than 30 days» from this letter.

The regulator stated that each company should make a plan, with regard to all possible risks, systems COVID-19, which includes at least nine key areas of interest, and a separate 3-point plan to deal with financial risk.

Operational emergency planning should include activities adapted to the specific profile and activities of the organization» to limit interference by identifying risk to clients and their counterparts.

Second, companies must develop a strategy aimed at the gradual suppression of the effects of the pandemic to ensure an appropriate scale of their reactions in each moment of time.

It is necessary to estimate all objects of the system, rules and procedures that will be needed to continue critical operations in the absence of the employees as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of the access to work remotely.

Further operational planning should include strategies to protect health workers, a review of the preparedness of key suppliers and external service providers, and developing effective communication strategies for customers, partners and society.

Finally, regulated entities must ensure that their plan is efficient, and create effective management and monitoring of the plan, strictly monitoring the necessary information from public sources.

International crypto conference will be held on-line:

Consensus 2020, a global event dedicated to kryptowalutom and the Blockchain technology is the next industry conference, which was to change their plans due to the deterioration of the fears associated with koronawirusem.

In connection with the increase in the number of events in the region suspended or revoked in connection with the explosion koronawirusa, Consensus will not be the host of the conference this year in new York.

However, this does not mean that Consensus 2020 will not happen. According to today’s official announcement published on Coindesk, the industry publication, which coordinates the event, Consensus 2020 will now be a fully virtual experience that allows participants from around the world free to join the event online.

According to the announcement those who already bought a ticket for Consensus 2020, will receive a refund within 60 days. The organizers also expressed confidence that the event will return next year and be better than before.

Free online meeting Consensus 2020 will be held in may, and it will involve some operators of high quality platforms that will support security measures during a pandemic.

We partner with best-in-class operators and platforms to support this effort, and we make all efforts to organize the community of cryptography along with high quality content you can expect from CoinDesk. Together with the lecturers discussed about the major issues of our time, all koordynowani experienced journalists and moderators CoinDesk during the filming of TV shows, we believe that the virtual [version] Consensus 2020 will be a rewarding experience for our audience.

– said in the announcement.

Since its establishment in 2015. Consensus emerged as the main annual gathering of players in the field of cryptography and Blockchain technology, which is attended by major industry leaders such as CEO of Square Jack Dorsey and FedEx Fred Smith, as well as representatives of regulatory authorities such as the American stock Exchange.

Announcing the initiative online conference, Consensus 2020 is not the first conference of cryptography, which decided to hold a virtual among the growing concerns related to koronawirusem.

Yesterday Ryan Selkis, Director General of the Messari, a company involved in the analysis of cryptography, announced that soon will pass a large series of virtual events called «The Mainnet». Today, the global tech giant Apple announced that its worldwide Developers Conference 2020 (2020 Worldwide Developers Conference) will be held in absolutely new format online in June.

Another fall in the stock exchanges:

Exchange crypto again sink in red. After the end of the day, the largest drop showed Binance Coin of-16,7%. Bitcoin dropped today to a level of approx. of 3.804 dollars, ultimately, finished the day with a decline of 13.6%, and the price is approx. 5.274 dollars/Bitcoin. Other kryptowaluty of the top ten record following changes: EOS -13,4%, Ethereum -10,5%, XRP -9,9%, Tezos -9,2%, Bitcoin SV -8,5%, Bitcoin Cash -4,9%.

Capitalization the total market declined by 19.7 billion currently stands at 152.4 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 251 billion dollars.

withsource: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com

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