14 March in Moscow will be the first party of a series of closed networking events

The new format of the event implies a symbiosis with pleasure – in the informal atmosphere of the party, you will meet people who are on the same wave, setting up a new business and friendly contacts.

It is expected that the event will be attended by about 350 guests. Among them will be invited as special guests, speakers and other participants.

What will be on CRYPTOPARTY:

  • Powerful networking in an informal party atmosphere

  • The beauty contest MISS CRYPTOPARTY

  • CRYPTO STAND UP — open MIC uncensored

  • EXCLUSIVE DJ SETS on the dance floor

Who will be on CRYPTOPARTY:

Leading cryptomate lion Shahinian

Moderator – Sergey Sevencan

In the program “CRYPTO STAND UP – open MIC uncensored” on the club scene with his cryptotendipes will be:

Anatoly Radchenko, a well-known trader, author of the blog about No1 cryptocurrency, founder of UNITED TRADERS and UTOKEN.IO; Oleg Ivanov, founder CRYPTOBAZAR; Boris Akimov, founder of the cryptocurrency BIOCOIN and founder of LAVKALAVKA; Ruslan Tugushev, founder STORIQA, TUGUSH and BOOMSTARTER; Olga Dvoretskaya, founder CRYPTOSHARKPROJECTS, producer of the modern art auction, and a hackathon FUTURETECH; Popov Artem and Alik Arslanov — the creators of telegram channel 10$ Buffett; and Ivan Sergei, the creators of the YouTube channel LOGCHAN and popular telegram-channels; Artem Prokofiev, the owner of the largest resource for the cryptocurrency ALTSTAKE.IO, Philip M., founder ROBOMED and Open Clinic, George Galoyan, founder of the community «ICO START-UP’S» and the blockchain ecosystem, «WeAre Ecosystem»; Eugene Lashkov, entrepreneur and miner; Denis Kozminykh, blockchain-Evangelist, founder of BAZAAR, VP and ICO Show; Sergei Sevencan, blockader, Adviser and Supervisor of many ICO blockchain projects, chief specialist of the scoring companies entering the ICO, analyst and business consultant crypto-funds, co-founder of IBW, founder of MBA (Masters of Administration Blockchain).

The meeting place – club CHATEAU DE FANTOMAS, which is located in the heart of the capital in the area of the art-cluster «Red October».

More information about the event can be found on the website.

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