2018 in Innopolis will prepare specialists in the blockchain

The rector of the University Innopolis (Tatarstan) Alexander Tormasov at the plenary session «Digital Russia: how to prepare personnel for the economy of the future» reported that in this school will open the master in the training of specialists in the field of technology of the blockchain.

«We are discussing needs directly with the companies, has decided that we need next year to open a master’s program for professionals in the field of blockchain and similar technologies. There are to produce professionals that are necessary in order that the system can be used not only in Finance, but to improve and centralize the whole economy and not just part of it,» he said.

The technology of the blockchain is a database structure with defined rules of access to information that protect it from unauthorized access. This technology is the basis of all cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

The Innopolis University, Russian University located in Tatarstan and built to international standards, specializiruetsya on education and research in the field of information technology.

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