2018 may Become the Year Ripple Finally Breaks Through

While not everyone may like Ripple and XRP, the ecosystem is firing on all cylinders. There is a ton of potential and lots of room for future growth. How all of this will play out, is still a mystery. No major price changes need to be expected overnight by any means. The strategy employed by the company is paying off as we speak, yet there is still a lot of work to be done in this regard. Some new clients have joined the ranks lately, and the future is looking good.

It is evident Ripple is doing quite well for itself. Although not everyone may see it that way, things are advancing quite nicely. The announcement of getting American Express on board has been one of the biggest developments in 2017. While they are not the biggest payment card issuer, it is still a very big name. This partnership can put XRP into the hands of a lot of people. Moreover, a lot of people will benefit from instant settlement at very low fees. That alone is invaluable to any company, even American Express.

Business is Picking up for Ripple

While it remains to be seen how AmEx will use Ripple, the options are pretty much limitless. Their first order of business was creating an instant payment gateway between the US and the UK.  An interesting corridor, to say the very least. With a strong focus on B2B transactions, there are some interesting options to explore. Whether or not AmEx will use XRP, remains to be determined, though. However, it shows the company’s product is of great interest to the established financial players.

This is not the only major business deal for Ripple, though. While a lot of partnerships exist already, most partners have yet to integrate XRP. Once they start doing so – an inevitable move – things will get very exciting pretty quickly. It may drive up the XRP price, for all we know. Combine this with the scheduled lock-up of assets in contracts by Ripple, and we may see some interesting fluctuations. It is not an asset for speculators and day traders, as its volatility is far too erratic to make short-term profits.

There is also the recent addition of Benjamin Lawsky. While perhaps one of the most despised regulators in cryptocurrency, he is a viable addition to Ripple. This enterprise blockchain company needs the right people in the right position to grow even further. Lawsky may check a lot of the right boxes in this regard. It will be interesting to see how this addition will work out for RIpple and RippleNet. An interesting future lies ahead, that much no one will deny.

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