21-22 April in St. Petersburg will be held on the blockchain-the BlockChain Cup hackathon

From 21 to 22 April 2018 in St. Petersburg at the Higher School of Economics will host 36-hour hackathon on the blockchain the BlockChain Cup. Co-organizer and General partner of the event is the project KickCity.

One hundred participants will work in teams to develop and present prototypes projects in the field of blockchain. Full implementation of the ideas they will have exactly 30 hours. On their hackathon projects will also present and leading company based on the blockchain, such as: KickCity, MyWish, BitRewards and Wings.

The winners will share the prize Fund in the amount of 150 000 rubles. In addition, participants will have the #10 meetup Community blockchain developers of Saint-Petersburg, as well as the opportunity to work on projects in a team.

BlockChain Cup kicks off on Saturday, April 21, at 11:00. The presentation of the developed projects will take place on Sunday, April 22, at 19:00. Within 36 hours of the hackathon participants will meet professionals in the blockchain industry, will work together and will listen to lectures about the technology of the blockchain. At the site of the meals and wireless Internet.

To participate in the hackathon invited interested Cup BlockChain blockchain development designers and managers, who are senior students, graduate students and graduates.

You can register until 20 April on the website of the event.

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