28 April in Moscow will host a party CRYPTOPARTY

The second party of a series of closed networking events will be held in the center of Moscow in a private club Chateau De Fantomas on April 28. The event will be attended by captainvalor, hadlari, cryptomnesia, ICO-schnick, CEO, founders, and blockchain experts, cryptocracy and miners.

CRYPTOPARTY participants will:

  • Powerful networking in an informal party atmosphere

  • The beauty contest MISS CRYPTOPARTY

  • Special guest: Bogdan Titomir c exclusive DJ SET on the main dance floor.

  • CRYPTO STAND UP — open MIC uncensored from such well-known persons of cryptomeria Russia: Anti Danilevsky (CEO & Founder KICKICO); Artem Popov and Alik Arslanov (10$ Buffett); Olga Dvoretskaya (CryptoShark); Boris Akimov (Biocoin/LavkaLavka); Tatiana Maksimenko (head of PR in Viarium, PR in Blockchain.ru); Sergey Simanovsky (VIARIUM, ex-CEO GOLOS); Leo Lehman (Founder BadChain, co-Founder ArtOfBlockchain); Miguel Francis Santiago (CRYPTOLIUM); Greg Waisman (Cryptoesthete, ICOBOX Head of Accounting); Paul Salas (CEO Tokenbox); Dmitry Chirkin (lawyer, founder WhiteStoneDigital); Serge Drive (LOGCHAIN); Mikhail Uspensky (Taxology); Konstantin Kartsev (founder TrueFlip); Sergey Sevencan (Master of Blockchain Administration); CRYPTOTELKI PROJECT etc.

Leading CRYPTOPARTY: Leo Shahinian

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To know how was the previous party here.

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