30 Days of Jaxx: An Overview of the First Half of the Marathon Feature Addition Exercise

Jaxx is one of the most popular wallets for cryptocurrency investors, and while the wallet has had a number of features, programmers surprised us when they stated that they would be announcing thirty additions over a period of thirty days. With a new feature announced each day, Jaxx continues to surprise us with its attention to user needs.


On the first day of 30 Days of Jaxx, Po.et was announced and went live for participating token sale users. Po.et is shorthand for its full name, Proof of Existence 2.0. It is a Bitcoin blockchain protocol that is an absolute, open ledger to track ownership of creative assets. Jaxx has released Po.et in hopes to bridge the gap between publishers, content creators, and consumers.


By the third day of 30 Days of Jaxx, Musiconomi was integrated into Jaxx wallets. Jaxx’s partnership with CoFound.it will, hopefully, allow the platform to incorporate new tokens and coins into Jaxx wallets. This will help users everywhere by expanding the abilities of Jaxx wallets.

Musiconomi, in particular, will help musicians build their own environment not only for themselves but also for their current and future fans. The addition to Jaxx wallets will encourage users to fuel an online economy for musicians everywhere.

Dr. Shu Wang

Dr. Shu Wang has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and it is that background that allowed him to join the Jaxx team on the fourth day of 30 Days of Jaxx. Introduced as the new Chief Security Officer, Dr. Wang has a strong influence in the cryptocurrency sphere. His experience in IT Security, Infrastructure, and Cloud Computing made him the perfect addition to Jaxx’ Security department. Jaxx hopes to incorporate his knowledge into their everyday practices, making the wallet safer and more secure for consumers.


Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts adore Qtum for its hybrid infrastructure and comparability to the Ethereum blockchain. On the fifth day of 30 Days of Jaxx, the wallet provider announced that it was going to incorporate Qtum availability into its wallet. A triumph for Qtum devotees everywhere, Jaxx is sure to engage a much larger consumer base with this new feature.

Naturally, this addition should also introduce Qtum to existing Jaxx customers, which could potentially help increase the coin’s usage and value.


Users of TenX can attest to the program’s inherent convenience. TenX’s ability to convert cryptocurrencies into cash in real-time is unique, and the Singapore-based company is excited to join the Jaxx family. By 30 Days of Jaxx’ seventh day, Jaxx announced that they would be integrating TenX to its wallet.
TenX’s most exceptional feature is that it has a debit card. The debit card can be used by the user at over thirty-six million points of acceptance in over fifty countries, utilizing cryptocurrency in the same way that many use cash. TenX is one of the most cutting-edge companies in the cryptocurrency space, leaving many users ecstatic about Jaxx’s incorporation of the TenX token.


BAT, shorthand for Basic Attention Token, is a widely utilized cryptocurrency meant to connect advertisers, publishers, and users. Unfortunately, BAT has not been accessible in many wallets in the past—but Jaxx determined that they would like to change that.

On the eighth day of 30 Days of Jaxx, BAT was announced as an additional accepted token in the Jaxx wallet. Users will now have the ability to freely hold and trade BAT at their leisure, which is wonderful news not only for BAT fanatics but also for Brandon Eich, the token’s founder.

iExec Token

The iExec token, RLC, was announced to be supported by Jaxx on the ninth day of 30 Days of Jaxx. Currently steadying in value, iExec RLC may be the perfect small investment for cryptocurrency users. With Jaxx support, users will now have the ability to manipulate the token within the Jaxx ecosystem, giving them the opportunity to explore its behaviors.

Edgeless Token

Edgeless is an exceptional solution to online gambling, and on 30 Days of Jaxx’s tenth day, Jaxx announced that they would be supporting the Edgeless Casino token. Edgeless’s goal is to create a safe, scam-free atmosphere for online gamblers, and with Jaxx’ support, it is likely that the cryptocurrency will continue to flourish.

While most online casinos have a house advantage, the Edgeless Ethereum Casino is the first online casino that offers online gamblers equal opportunity. The casino even offers other features such as transparency, free money withdrawals and deposits, and random number fairness checks.


On the twelfth day of 30 Days of Jaxx, the company announced that it would be adding the WINGS token to its portfolio. WINGS hope to continue its endorsement of open, decentralized technology architecture development and applications. Its new partnership with Jaxx should encourage new users to begin using the token if they are not already.


The Santiment Network Token (SAN) is a cryptocurrency data feed platform. Announced to be supported by Jaxx on the thirteenth day of 30 Days of Jaxx, the token is likely to find new, everyday users. Santiment’s team of cryptocurrency traders hopes to piece together comprehensive market data in the cryptocurrency sphere. Now that they will be working with Jaxx, the team may find more opportunities to build such a database.

Better Security

After Dr. Shu Wang joined Jaxx, he had an announcement regarding wallet security. On the fourteenth day of 30 Days of Jaxx, he noted that he would continue to work to improve Jaxx’ security across all nine of its platforms. Nevertheless, he did encourage users to secure devices, understand hot and cold storage, update the Jaxx wallet as frequently as updates are announced, and beware of rash behaviors within the cryptocurrency space.

Aragon Network Token

While Jaxx continues to add new tokens to its wallet, on the sixteenth day of 30 Days of Jaxx, the company decided to add another major cryptocurrency: the Aragon Network Token (ANT). The team behind the Aragon Network Token is focused on creating the first decentralized jurisdiction, and by extension, the first decentralized jurisdiction for dispute resolution. ANT investors are to have the ability to change the minting rate, as well as subscription fees; they will also have the ability to vote on capital allotments and upgrade the network. With Jaxx’s help, the Aragon Network Token is likely to grow in usage.

More to Come on Jaxx

30 Days of Jaxx has not yet come to a close, meaning that we can look forward to more news from the company. As we reach the end of September, we should see even more life-changing announcements for Jaxx and cryptocurrency enthusiasts everywhere. Look forward to our coverage of the remaining 15 days of the 30 days of Jaxx.

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