4 August in Moscow will host the “Digital economy Forum”

On 4 August at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO campus the “Disk” will be “Digital economy Forum” (TSEF) about cryptocurrency and the blockchain. The forum will be attended by over 3,000 participants.

In the framework of the TSEF will be ICO SHOW. During one of the evening projects will be given the opportunity to present themselves to investors from around the world.

“Our goal is to create a single event a complete infrastructure for the development of the technology of the blockchain in Russia”, — the organizer of the TSEF Christina coast.

During work of the forum will be held industrial exhibition projects, services and equipment. A unique opportunity for projects to show themselves and their services, to talk personally with investors and guests TSEF, to enhance confidence and awareness.

To participate in the forum are invited:

  • The owners and chief editors of leading mass media

  • Leading experts and advisers

  • The owners and representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers

  • The owners and representatives of accelerators and investment funds and the “whales” of the industry

  • Manufacturers of mining equipment

  • Representatives of the leading rating agencies

  • Representatives of technology parks and startup competitions

Also TSEF will be on view vacancies and resumes of employees who are looking for promising blockchain companies.

“The digital Economic Forum” has identified eight main areas:

  • The development of DAPPS

  • Holding ICO

  • Industrial mining

  • Trading

  • Crypto funds

  • Legalization of cryptocurrency

  • Recruiting

  • Opportunities for START-UP

Learn more about the forum and buy the ticket here.

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