7 ICO are worth paying attention at the end of 2017

The authors and developers of new projects based on the technology of the blockchain continue to use the ICO to attract funding and attention to their companies and products. And this is not surprising, one only has to recall how controversial project Tezos collected $ 200 million according to the results of the first two days of the sale of tokens. This also explains the popularity of services of rating agencies, auditors, smart contracts, and research firms that organize crowdfunding and ICO. The relative simplicity of the process of issuing digital tokens and the fundraising that follows draws on the market as professionals seeking community support and Scam or just incompetent people.

Given the above, large investors will with great care to learn the company in which they invest their money, and the authors of the projects, in turn, must ensure that their startups have a clear plan of action, a confident cohesive team of developers, marketers, well-known consultants industry, of course, a goal that would be the solution to the real problem.

It is worth noting that recently the community with particular interest the developments with the use of decentralized applications (DApps), in fact virtually any existing service or you can make your application more secure and more attractive, translating it into the decentralized approach.

In this difficult situation with the choice of investment, the investor may please the news about the increasing attention of the authorities of the leading countries of the world to the ICO, and also reports a series of regulatory measures in respect of raising funds through the issuance and sale of tokens.

Staff publications CoinDesk recently took in the market of interesting proposals for investors in cryptocurrency projects. 7 companies represented in this collection, has managed to capture the attention of the community and widely discussed. The collection of funds for project implementation will be carried out in late 2017 and early 2018. It is important that the following tokens became interested in venture projects such as Boost VC, VC Compound and Pantera Capital.

Quantstamp – Protocol for secure smart contracts

Error in smart contracts is not uncommon, at the same time checking all the contracts manually is a lot of costs for investors, because the smart contracts already this year, have been measured in millions. The solution offers CEO Quantstamp Richard Mar, «pogorevshikh» in his time on attachment to tokens of The DAO.

Richard calls upon to support his team in creating tools for automated auditing of smart contracts. I do not mean full automation by testing all contracts some common code, and a special system that would allow teams of independent experts or «white» hackers to conduct audits for a fee, creating a code that checks a smart contract and detects vulnerabilities. The fundraiser was launched on 17 November. Quantstamp tokens can be purchased until December 16 or until reaching the level of $ 30 million.

Bloom is a platform of crediting c with decentralized rating

Team Bloom, wait until the end of December to raise $50 million, intended to protect customers your loan service from identity theft by hackers or anyone else using the blockchain and cryptography to protect information. In the array of customer data beyond basic personal information will also contain the scoring assessment of the borrower that will help assess the risks.

The Bloom platform will not only help to reduce the risk of theft of customer data, but hopes to increase their competitiveness among peers and large enterprises-monopolists at the expense of their unique features.

Keep – private layer Ethereum

Fold startup offers to the public the Keep – superstructure on top of Ethereum, which allows to organize a private repository for a user’s data open to the public the blockchain. Programmatically this is done by decentralized computing and secure storage units from different users are encrypted. In a similar way, by the way, is the storage of data in Storj, for example. The data is encrypted, broken up and deposited on users ‘ hard drives (of miners), and also duplicated in case of a GBR in offline. If necessary, data is downloaded from the «keepers» and are going to file the usual format. Technologies of this kind allow Keep to compete with PoC-fork Burst, Storj and Sia, not even your blockchain and working as a complement to the Ethereum network.

With all this, storing the user data will be organized so that smart contracts could work with the protected information, but at the same time, so that none of the participants in the system do not know where are stored the elements of his or anybody else’s data. The content of the special node with the protected storage will require the user Ethereum token availability Keep, but the payments between the users will for convenience be held in the currency of ETH. Most likely, the Keep project will help to organize a kind of PoC-mining for users of Ethereum.

Raising funds the company Fold plans to begin in January 2018. 2 weeks the team hopes to raise $30 million, which will be required for the development of software products, the promotion and other events, among which already announced the imminent release of the client for the nod Keep.

KMS NuCypher – analog HTTPS for DApps

Another project in this collection, aimed at providing additional security information of the users of the block chain. Details the principle of the technology is still not disclosed, but the basic idea is to provide users with blockchain access to encrypted information under certain conditions. If the user violates the conditions, then the access is denied. Thus, the channels of access to the data will be protected, and nodes in the network will be able to provide re-encryption without the need to decrypt data at intermediate stages.

The ICO will be launched in early 2018. Tokens will also be needed for the operation of the encryption nodes. For non-compliance of the network the nodes will be penalized for those same tokens, which will give the right to hold the nod. Additional information is available on the official website.

Stream – platform decentralized streaming

Team project Stream led by bin Yu is developing an add-on for web browsers that will allow token-holders of the project to transfer cash (or given) directly to the authors of the video on services such as YouTube and Facebook, and also inline ads. Unlike project LBRY, who also acts for the direct remuneration of the creators of the original videos and other content, Stream will not use the blockchain storage of video content and generally is not going to do your hosting site.

Stream representatives declare that their product will help creators of original content to receive remuneration from the advertisers, audience and fans directly, without going through ad exchanges and affiliate programs, consuming a significant portion of earnings from help and streamers. Rewards will be awarded in tokens STC by pressing a couple of buttons in the browser plugin.

The tokens presale has already begun, the starting price is fixed at $0.01 for 1 STC. During the ICO plans to raise $33 million by selling 33% of all issued tokens-of which there will be 12 billion. The remaining 67% will be used for the development of the company, involving the first user and the salaries of the team. Closed beta testing is scheduled on 8 December 2017.

Origin – P2P network for providing services without intermediaries

Team Origin
promotes freedom of the economy from intermediaries, profiting from the interest income of persons providing services. In the Origin sure that an intermediary can be replaced by a decentralized application that will act as a guarantor in transactions. Their competitors, the project team believes giants such as Uber, Airbnb, and not so popular in Russia Fiverr (a site for freelancers), and Getaround (car-sharing).

Working Origin will be using the technology of IPFS and the Ethereum blockchain. Themselves co-founders of the company recognized that Ethereum, especially in its current, badly scaled form, not yet suitable for mass applications such as Uber or Airbnb, so the team is now working on more narrow niches. The token Origin will be used in the app economy Origin, its launch will occur in 2018 after the team finished working on the main product.

Orchid – the Internet without censorship

The developers of the project Orchid rather boldly claim that their new Protocol will help create a free Internet without censorship from the authorities and free from surveillance. Moreover, the solution of Orchid promises reliability to surpass onion anonymous Tor network.

The nodes of a new, very democratic (or anarchic?) Internet in this case will be to organize users wishing to provide their Internet channel in rent. Hoping to attract as the gcd of the Internet a huge number of people wanting to make temporarily unused Internet connection, the creators of the project believe that the observation of these nodes or attempts to ban them will lose all meaning.

The company has already raised $4.7 million venture capital investment from Andreessen Horowitz, Blockchain Capital, the above mentioned Compound VC, Crunchfund and Danhua, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, MetaStable, Polychain Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Struck, and not going to stop there.

Ready to launch Protocol Orchid and token-ICO is expected within the next 6 months or 1 half of 2018.

The fly in the ointment

In this optimistic situation around these investments, a small spoon of tar was added Brighton Williams, one of the founders of Boost VC. In an interview, he, among other things, added that «despite the significant benefits of projects that use decentralized applications, investing in them will pay off not soon, as there is virtually no infrastructure for such integration of new solutions in our daily lives.»

Really, take some time in mastering new technologies with broad masses, and during this time the developers of the block chain it is necessary to find effective solutions for problems of scale networks, which will inevitably face any project with a worldwide scope.

The article is exploratory in nature and is not intended to give advice or tips on investing in certain projects. Responsibility for financial decisions rests entirely on the investor.

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