A Chinese citizen arrested in Japan for selling accounts cryptocurrency exchanges

At the peak of popularity of bitcoin and cryptocurrency at the end of last year, many stock exchanges started to temporarily suspend registration of new users, as it could not cope with sudden excitement. So did the Kraken exchange, which temporarily suspended
registration in December last year. Because of the actions of the exchanges selling verified accounts trading platforms have become quite popular
and a profitable business. However, the authorities are not asleep – they have started catching those who try to benefit from such deals.

Japanese police said Tuesday about the arrest of a Chinese national in Tokyo for selling verified accounts at cryptocurrency exchange group of criminals. It is reported that the name thirty years old suspect Lin Xiaolin (Xiaolin Lin). According to reports
from China, Xiaolin was arrested March 15, 2018. He allegedly opened accounts at cryptocurrency exchange in Tokyo, using the personal data of the citizen of Vietnam. Xiaolin denies these accusations.

Police said that after the opening of accounts, Lin immediately sold them to a criminal group for about 100,000 yen ($1,000). It is assumed that in total he has opened and sold at least six accounts, three of which have subsequently been used in illegal transactions.

Japanese police believe that the criminals deposited cryptocurrency received from a third party, for the accounts that they acquired from Lin, violating the law. Investigators also believe that Lee could give criminals not only accounts, but also other «tools» that they could use.

The defendant allegedly acquired the personal data of the citizen of Vietnam from his friend. They discussed a deal in chat on Facebook, and Lin paid 30,000 yen (less than $ 300) to get the name, date of birth and other information. According to police they were used to open accounts on the exchange in early July, 2017. Investigators arrested four Vietnamese in February of this year for selling information to Lin, but prosecutors ultimately decided not to bring charges against them.

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