A Japanese Corporation GMO opened a European division in mining

Japanese Internet giant GMO Group has announced the launch of the European unit for the mining of cryptocurrencies, in which the company will use the technology used in the mining centres of Northern Europe.

For mining bitcoins GMO will use chips of its own design with the 7 nm process technology. The company is now working on research with his partner, has the technology of semiconductor to develop high performance computers for mining. However, the details and the current stage of these works were not disclosed. Clearly, GMO is going to enter the market with a ready product.

GMO Group plans to start mining using equipment «next generation» in the first half of 2018. Recently, the company announced its intention to pay part wages to its employees (4,700 people) in the cryptocurrency.

In GMO emphasize that this step will allow the company to maintain the infrastructure of cryptocurrency through the use of accumulated knowledge and experience in the Internet infrastructure.

Tokyo-based GMO Group includes more than 60 companies in 10 countries. Her participation in the bitcoin mining is likely to be welcomed by those who are concerned about the dominance of the company Bitmain in this area.

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