A miner from new York has created interference to the mobile network

The Federal United States Commission of communications (FCC) sent an official warning to the new Yorker Victor Rosario that his activities related to bitcoin mining, was the cause of the jamming work mobile network T-Mobile.

«Because ASIC miner for cryptocurrency mining Antminer S5 cause side radiation at a frequency of 700 MHz which is LTE the T-Mobile network, its use violates Federal laws of the state. If Rosario will continue their activities, he faces a fine, arrest and even imprisonment,» from «notification of interference» by the FCC.

The notification contains a caveat explaining that not all devices Antminer interfere. So the device initially, the appropriate Federal laws on radio frequency interference can be compatible with mobile networks. Later Antminer cause similar problems with mobile equipment operators.

The owner Antminer have 20 days from the date of warning, during which it must provide the FCC all the information on the marking device, in the case that is going to continue using it, indicate in detail what he would do to prevent secondary incidents.

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