A moment of humor: six types of users of the cryptocurrency in the Telegram

Recently Telegram has become the main centre of communication for users of the cryptocurrency. And, as in any community, in real life, a virtual community have their own roles and characters. They formed and among the users of cryptocurrencies.

It so happened that the Telegram was for the crypto community not just one of the messengers. It’s kind of circulatory system in which there are thousands of channels, groups and projects of ICO. We can say that all cryptocurrency community enjoys daily Telegram.

Below are six typical types of users of the cryptocurrency, which can be found in the Telegram:


Users of this type has a high activity in channels and maddening yourself and others. Often alarmist publicly declares his undying love for the project and to all users, but when the first problems began to panic.

Basic vocabulary: «All the love. Long hold (HODL). Sincerely believe». But at the first sign of trouble: «I Want to return everything! I hate you! Return my money! It is a Scam! Fraud! All escaped! I should have listened to mom! Run!»

People «with connections»

This kind of usually demonstrates knowledge in the legal field, talks about the connections in the security services, the courts, and sometimes even said about Dating with the presidents.

Main dictionary: «you Have serious problems. I already reported everything to the SEC (the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA). Can start to panic, «Big brother» is watching you.»


This is the main category of users of any cryptocephala Telegram. They invest money not only for profit, but just because we believe in cryptocurrency, project, or team. Such people are the main audience of any project they support and inspire the community. It is the most faithful supporters demonstrating patience and understanding throughout the development process.

Among the «believers» often consists of experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts who read almost all messages and monitor any information to the media. Typically they study the all questions but sometimes I share the resulting insights with others. Perhaps their faith can be considered naive, but the bitcoin has risen on «Hodler», to remain loyal even in the hardest of times.


This user came here with the sole purpose of to buy low and sell high. It does not matter the technical details of what is being developed, what is the idea behind who is part of the team. The basic vocabulary: «When listing? Come on, guys, quickly! Can’t wait a month this token will cost $ 100.»

Forever locked

The user of this type is constantly flooding and it every time for that block. Then it creates new account and starts all over again. Basic vocabulary: «Why me again banned? I invested a million dollars and I was blocked. Why?»

Boring Troll

The user that appears in the channel once a month, each time asking the same question: «so, how’s it going? The project has not yet collapsed?» After that he disappears and appears again a month later with the same question and other hackneyed jokes.

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