A new threat to replace Cryptonomicon is Decentraland

The arrival of the gaming industry in the Ethereum ecosystem noticed by all users of the blockchain. After 8 days after launch, the game CryptoKitties
continues to be the most resource intensive application, spending 13.8% of the total gas network. During this same time, the cost of a simple transaction to transfer air from one address to another has increased from a fraction of a cent to $0.46 and the price simple smart contract comes to $5.

Of course, these amounts do not seem to be important for users of Bitcoin, but Ethereum is crazy because a little over a week ago, the common transaction cost of a fraction of a cent. Moreover, the return to the old prices of gas seems unlikely in the foreseeable future: workaround to increase the limit of gas will be ready in a few weeks, and the network of payment channels Raiden, whose launch will take place in the near future, which is incompatible with the standard tokens ERC-721. The fact that Raiden can carry just interchangeable tokens, such as tokens and ETH ERC-20 (at inlet and outlet of the channel can be different tokens, and 1 is equivalent to any other ETH 1 ETH), while the token has a non-fungible cryptonatica standard ERC-721.

Against this background, another game project – world of virtual reality Decentraland — is going to launch their platform on the blockchain Ethereum December 15, and offer to sell virtual plots of land LAND, as well as cryptococci built on the standard ERC-721.


Just as the authors Cryptococcal borrowed the idea of the games with collectible cards, Decentraland transfers on the blockchain computer game Second Life, the first version of which was released in 2003.

Platform Decentraland is a virtual world consisting of areas of 10×10 meters, each of which represents a unique token LAND (ERC-721), determines the coordinates of the site, the owner and the hash of the file content (the file itself will be stored on a distributed file system IPFS). The second token of the platform – MANA (normal ERC-20) is used for internal settlement between the parties.

The initial distribution of tokens MANA was held during the August ICO, and the first auction for the sale of LAND called «Terraforming»
(to participate you need an extension or browser Metamask Mist) will begin December 15 and will last one week. Bidders will be offered as parcels of land, and the ability to invest MANA in the thematic district – districts.

The initial structure of the world Decentraland, named the City of Genesis (Genesis City), has a structure of three rings United by a single center:

  • The inner ring with the content managed by the community through DAO. It will host various exhibitions and events. This can be seen as an experiment in decentralized management structure Decentraland.

  • The second ring consists of plots of land put up to auction. Using Dapp users will declare the price that they are willing to pay. According to the organizers, should form the land market, encouraging future development and guaranteeing their owners long-term value. Interestingly, now users have expressed concerns about the lack of restrictions on high-rise buildings – it may have a negative impact on the future value of the land.

  • Finally, the outer ring will be given to districts that can span across multiple, not necessarily contiguous, areas. Full list of districts is available on Github and covers three pages; immediately catch the eye such district as Battleground, City Hackers, the World of Pokémon and a lot of these things.

  • The initial appearance of the City of Genesis will be determined by the results of the auction.

    In anticipation of the start of construction, the project team signed a partnership agreement with the platform of freelancing Ethlance: LAND owners can apply for assistance in the construction of the freelancers
    in the field of design and 3D modeling. The first 20 qualified designers, registered on Ethlance marked Decentraland Scene Developers will get from Decentraland 1000 MANA tokens each ($50 or the cost of 1 LAND).

    According To The Road Map
    project, after terraforming will come the next stage – the Iron Age, which will add multiplayer support and chat in real time, and various scripts. And full support for virtual reality with the connection of the laws of physics will be possible at the next stage, the Silicon Century, the timing of which is not yet known.

    What will happen to those who are not interested in Decentraland

    If a few months ago, reports on the deployment of new platforms caused an eruption of enthusiasm, now, against Cryptococcal, rather, they inspire fear. It is unclear what will happen with and without a congested, despite the fact that the full problem of scaling is not yet in sight – not even an approximate launch date of the full Protocol Casper, not to mention sharding.

    Perhaps sydeny Plasma
    will be able to temporarily solve the problem, but applications based on them yet either, and no launch date. Some optimism stems from the fact that the founders Decentraland in the past developed services and instant payments Streamium, so maybe they will be able to optimize cash flows of MANA with the help of Raiden, however, as mentioned above, the LAND is incompatible with this network. Well, those Ethereum users who are not interested in virtual worlds, we can only recommend starting from December 15, to carefully monitor minimum thresholds of gas before carrying out the transaction.

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