A penny: the canadian power company Hydro-Quebec are unable to meet the needs of miners

The largest state-owned energy company in Canada, Hydro-Quebec, obviously, is unable to meet the demand for electricity, promised the visiting miners. The announcement came few weeks after the company tried to attract them as a means of enhancing economic prospects, arguing that it can provide power up to 5,000 MW.

Now the company has announced that it will not be able to meet the scale of power required by the miners. According to the representative of Hydro-Quebec Marc-Antoine, Polio, the company has not relied on such a number interested.

«Every day we receive dozens of new applications that motivates us to admit inability to meet demand,» he said.

Feral-Pierssens, which cooperates with the miners seeking to settle in Canada, said that interest in the facilities of Hydro-Quebec – only a small fraction of the needs of the mining industry.

Given the growing uncertainty about the future of mining in China, the head of Hydro-Quebec’s Eric Martel told the miners the benefits of the Canada – both from the point of view of access to cheap electricity and cheap natural cooling provided by snowy winters of Quebec. He also stressed the advantages for the local population, saying that without the increase in power consumed within the region, citizens may face an «explosion» in the electricity tariffs.

According to estimates Hydro-Quebec during the following decades the region will be about 100 TWh, which is equivalent to the energy needed to power 6 000 000 homes for one year. Apart from cryptocurrency companies, Hydro-Quebec has also sought to attract entrepreneurs to the creation of conventional data centers, as they create more opportunities for employment.

Director business development Hydro-Quebec David Vincent stated that «of the five largest players in the world the blockchain industry we have at least three or four.» Earlier, the international marketing Manager for the Bitmain Nishant Sharma said that the company is negotiating with the authorities about the placement of objects in the QC, indicating the interest of the largest crypto companies in the energy resources of Canada.

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