A petition against the ban cryptocurrency trading in South Korea has collected 100 000 signatures

Almost 100 000 citizens of South Korea have signed a petition asking the government not to allow ban on trade in cryptocurrency. In addition, residents of the country demand the resignation of the Minister of justice Park sang-Ki, who distributed information about the ban.

In particular, citizens of South Korea accusing him that extending a premature statement about the ban on the cryptocurrency trading, which was not agreed with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and formed a government task force, he single-handedly manipulated the global market.

According to the official statement of the government, the appropriateness of the ban on trade cryptocurrency reflects the personal views of the Minister, not the Ministry of justice and government.

«As a result of the application of the Park, many South Korean investors have suffered losses. The prematurity and the inconsistency of these actions led to losses of millions of dollars. The Park needs to resign and take responsibility for this situation», – is spoken in numerous appeals.

In fact, the Minister of justice will not be dismissed because of this situation, it is also unlikely that he would face any punishment for their actions. But the government may ask Park sang-Ki, to make a public apology to the citizens of South Korea, given the loss caused by his statement.

On a global scale because the Park, the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies is temporarily decreased by almost $100 billion, and a substantial part of the losses came in South Korean market.

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