A petition against the ban of cryptocurrency trading in South Korea will be considered by the government

A petition against the toughening of requirements of crypto-currency regulation in South Korea has gained more than 215 thousand signatures necessary for its consideration by the government.

The document, dated 28 December, is called: “is ever the government of the people’s dreams?” and receives some support until January 27, however, the country’s leadership is already thinking about the necessary response. According to the law, the response of official bodies is enough 200 thousand votes. Response within 30 days.

«The world you see’s not what people see. Do you think that protect people, but they think you just take away their dream,» says the author of the petition.

He stressed that the cryptocurrency is not “accidental investment” and people are free to make some decisions.

Together with the above petition in December last year, we created another similar document demanding the resignation of the head of Service of financial supervision of Choi Heun-Shik (Choi Heung-shik). The officer inadvertently stated that bitcoin will burst like a soap bubble, with the result that his resignation was supported by 37 thousand disgruntled citizens.

As you know, in mid-December last year, Korean authorities adopted a series of emergency measures aimed at tightening regulation of the cryptocurrency market. Among them – strengthening of supervision of the operations cryptomeria, limiting the activities of banks in this area, a ban on trade cryptocurrency for minors and foreigners. Later it is planned to introduce mandatory identification of citizens conducting transactions with cryptocurrency and completely eliminate the anonymity of digital investment.

After some citizens expressed readiness to commit suicide if the prohibitions will come into force, the President’s administration gave an explanation that these restrictions are only one of possible variants of development of events. But supporters of the cryptocurrency in other countries should learn from the Koreans to the unity and perseverance in defending their rights.

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