A subsidiary of Overstock launches platform for trading tokens

tZero — child blockchain company the Internet giant Overstock has announced a prototype of the upcoming launch of platform for trading tokens.

The company had released the prototype on Monday, and has also published a video showing the work platform. According to the statement, the company is waiting for user feedback about the prototype to its full release in may this year.

CEO of tZero Overstock and Patrick Byrne (Patrick Byrne) said that the prototype would help users «get an idea of the breadth of our vision», given that this step follows the launch of the blockchain OSTKP Overstock. According to the report, OSTKP also created on the basis of the tZero.

The company tZero still waiting for a decision by Federal regulators on the issue of classification of tokens before you can run the full version of the platform, as noted by Joe Cammarata (Cammarata Joe). He also said that the platform «will go down in history» and added:

«We expect that the trading platform for tokens will be able to start work in may, but it all depends on, will make any regulators of clarity on the question of classification of tokens. We tried very hard to prototype and waiting for user feedback».


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