A U.S. Senator is asking the Finance Ministry to ban the distribution of Venezuelan Petro

The Senator from Florida bill Nelson (Bill Nelson) joined the ranks of the disaffected a state run cryptocurrency Venezuela Petro. In a letter sent to the Minister of Finance Mnuchin Steven (Steven Mnuchin) on Monday, Nelson said, «are concerned by recent reports» that Venezuela, like Russia, plans to use cryptocurrency to bypass economic sanctions.

Nelson said: «the Maduro Regime is criminal and his goal is to make money. He seems more in need of funding. Cryptocurrencies could potentially offer Maduro and other dangerous people to avoid banks and other intermediaries to conceal his financial activities».

The Senator concluded his letter with several questions for Mnuchin, in particular asking what steps does the Ministry of Finance, in order to prevent Maduro to make money on Petro. He also asked how the Ministry will go with the stock exchanges, ignoring sanctions, and requires the body in some new powers for this fight.

With this letter, Nelson joined senators Bob Menendez (Bob Menendez) and Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio), who also demanded that Mnuchin limited the use of Petro. In late January, the two have written
a similar letter, which asked how the Ministry planned to cope with the attempt of Venezuela to circumvent sanctions.

Venezuela has launched its cryptocurrency last month, launching its pre-sale
at the end of February. The token provided by oil, should work as a means of payment within the country, but it may not be exchanged for existing Venezuelan Bolivar. President Maduro said he earned $ 735 million on the first day of pre-sale, but did not provide any evidence.

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