Acne Buterin against Craig Wright on Deconomy 2018

The international blockchain-forum Deconomy 2018 was held in Seoul on 3 and 4 April. Entrepreneurs, experts, investors, academic and political groups, as well as blockchain enthusiasts met to discuss topical industry issues of the blockchain.

However, the event is remembered not only for constructive communication, but also a passionate argument into personal insults between Ethereum founder Vitalik Butterini and chief scientific officer of the company nChain Craig Wright.

Wright, at one time declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto, believed about the imperfections and weaknesses of decentralization of Bitcoin. To confirm his words he gave a series of presentation slides that Buterin considered uninformative, to put it mildly, unproven. My report Wright he posted on Twitter in real time, supporting some tweets caustic comments.

During his presentation, Wright talked about the Lightning Protocol Network. Advisor OmiseGO Joseph POON, one of the authors and developed by the Lightning Network, commented as follows:

«I wrote the Lightning Network, but do not understand one word of your presentation».

Acne Buterin pointed out some errors in the presentation of Wright’s, causing a storm of applause, and said:

«Why is this fraud even allowed to speak at the conference?»

The ensuing discussion of Roger’s Faith and Samson MOU Buterin was also accompanied by an informative but less emotional comments on Twitter.

In his remark, Wright said: «Vitalik there is one problem…. While we demonstrate the possibilities of BCH, he realizes that ETH will wither and die.»

At the end of a makeshift Twitter stream, Buterin expressed the view that the disputing parties need to work better on his argument, and Wright called crazy.

I’m going to live tweet comments on the «Bitcoin, Controversy over Principle» section of Deconomy for fun.

— Vitalik «Not giving away ETH» Buterin (@VitalikButerin) April 3, 2018

Hostility between Butterini and Wright began after the latter declared himself a Creator of Bitcoin. Buterin was skeptical and asked several times for Wright to «stop lying».

It should also be recalled that recently against Wright were filed by the relatives of his former business partner Dave Kleiman (Dave Kleiman). Dave’s brother — Ira Kleiman — accuses Wright in the assignment of bitcoins at $5 billion, as well as the intellectual property of the father.

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