Acne Buterin donated 2.4 million dollars to fight against aging

Acne Buterin — known canadian developer with Russian roots, the developer of one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, gave a regular contribution of $2.4 million to research on anti-aging.

In February 2018, the international Foundation for support of research on aging, led by the famous British gerontologist Aubrey de grey (Aubrey de Grey), received from Baterina cryptocurrency in the amount of $2.4 million.

Last week he attended a conference called «ending aging» (Undoing Aging) organized by the SENS Research Foundation in Berlin, which brought together 340 participants from 36 countries.

In an interview with «Komsomolskaya Pravda», the only Russian representative of the media, invited to the event, he gave a short interview and answer some questions.

Buterin said that the motivation for the donations is for the study of ageing is the emergence of compelling scientific evidence that all serious diseases are the consequence of ageing of the human body. Such research is very important for all of humanity, and people willing to invest money in it, unfortunately, a little while, complains about the acne.

Many do not know and perhaps do not believe that anti-aging is possible and can even be quite successful. In the book of Aubrey de grey’s «Ending Aging», this is detailed and looks quite real.

The most important direction in studying the problems of aging, Buterin called the transition to human studies. With the advent of reliable biomarkers that can accurately determine the results of the effectiveness of therapy.

Buterin said he was ready to increase investments in projects to study aging and life extension, and while engaged in the selection of the most promising directions which should be maintained.

The question what is the main problem that inhibits anti-aging, acne said that the public is not enough support for such surveys. Huge funds are invested in the research and treatment of specific diseases, while the main problem is aging, remains without due attention.

Vitaly believes that people with financial capabilities, it is necessary to pay attention to this problem. In this age of advanced technology there is a real chance to significantly slow down and even reverse the aging process and this is one of the most important tasks of mankind.

There are a large number of interesting startups on the topic, and if you are young, think about what you can do to extend human life, because it is, in fact, the most important thing, says the young programmer.

At the conference, he stood out in an unusual shirt with a picture of kitty and said that he live in a house of 6 cats.

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