Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation: cryptocurrencies will help to circumvent sanctions

The adviser of RF President Sergey Glaziev considers the possibility of using cryptocurrency to bypass foreign restrictions on international payments. He said this during the meeting in the presidential administration on the issue of determining the legal status of cryptocurrencies and their legislative regulation.

«There is an objective need in this tool is crypto – connected, firstly, with the fact that banks are subject to sanctions, as you know, and do not want to carry out calculations. We are sensitive to the state activities, this tool is very suitable. We can, in spite of the sanctions, conduct settlements with our counterparties around the world,» – said Glazyev.

He also stressed that he supports the idea of creating a national cryptocurrency.

«The most interesting theme issue of the national currency. Digital rouble or scriptural, suppose that will be issued exactly as normal, the ruble, only through the use of technology of the blockchain, – said the presidential adviser. – That is, it is the same ruble, but its movement is limited in a certain way, certain way. And nothing else to do».

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