After the launch of futures on bitcoin website exchange CBOE fell

Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE) 10 Dec start trading futures bitcoin almost immediately the CBOE website went offline due to high load. For the first two hours of trading traders have signed more than 800 contracts.

Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, for which the main form of client access is the web interface, the load on the CBOE website does not affect the trade, as it uses the dedicated apps. The exchange site is for informational function.

«Due to the large traffic to our website visitors may find that it runs slower than usual and can sometimes be unavailable. However, all trading systems are operating normally,» warned the team the CBOE in Twitter account.

Since the adoption of digital currencies and the rise in prices was beyond the charts, resulting in almost all the major stock exchanges experienced their decline and fall. Many have suggested that as soon as wall street – with reliable servers that are able (and trained) to process huge volumes of traffic will come in they will block traditional exchangers. Apparently, even the big companies on wall street will be difficult job with the requirement of Bitcoin.

In anticipation of the opening of trading, the price of bitcoin was volatile. Within a few minutes after opening the futures markets, the price soared more than $1000, only to immediately fall by half. Now the price is rising again and is approaching a new historical maximum. At the time of publication on the main dollar-denominated exchanges, the bitcoin is trading above $16 500.

Lately there have been many concerns about the fact that the opening of the regulated futures trading may lead to lower prices because of mass open contracts against the bitcoin. Based on the current price movement, these fears are probably not justified, but traders remain tense.

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